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Added: 08/10/2017 - 01:12AM
Updated: 08/10/2017 - 01:11AM

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Last updated at 1:11, 8 Oct 2017 Uploaded at 1:12, 8 Oct 2017

This will replace first person magic casting animation for
1. Idle, ready and charge
2. Self Release
    Fast healing, Oakflesh, etc
3. Far Release
    Lightning bolt, Fireball. etc
4. Self Concentration
    Healing, etc
5. Aim Concentration
    Flames, Sparks, etc
6. Telekinesis
7. Ward
8. Dual casting
    Self release, self concentration, aim concentration

Video version 3.0
Shows dual casting: dmag self casting, dmagselfcon, dmagaimcon
Video version 2.0
shows telekinesis, new self release spell, fix for flames and ward with comparison to vanilla
Video version 1.0
shows idle, fast healing, healing, oakflesh, conjuration, lightning bolt

Video version 5.0
Shows variant 2 split screen b&a
Release update to v5.0 didnt port to SSE yet, you can go to Skyrim 32bit and convert it with SSE converter tool 

- add Idles, self release, far release, self concentration
- adjustment
- add aim concentration, telekinesis, ward
- fix vanilla twisted arms in flames and ward
- adjustment
- add dual casting

File name list in v3.0

Installation NMM or drag & drop to your data folder
Please double check your download file is it correctly placed in destination folder
Dont mistake it with 3rd person folder and you have to remove the file manually if you dislike some spell in particular. for safety
[/size]. For example delete mlh_idle.hkx and mrh_idle.hkx if you want to keep vanilla movement and my new animation will play only when casting spell.
Usually this wont leave a mark on game if uninstalled like esp or scripts
I hope all works fine please comment if theres bug or anything

Skyrim Legendary Edition mod page

My other mod that also have first person animation
Blocking Animation Pack SSE

Thats it. come back and endorse if you like this
Thanks to Bethesda & Nexus