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Gain permanent bonuses to skills that you have chosen to make "Legendary."

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SKSE64 is in an alpha stage of development currently, and is not recommended for actual play by
its creators. I was originally not going to post this until SKSE64 was in either a beta or stable release,
but with SkyUI's SSE alpha now being released, I'm taking that as a sign that more than enough
people are already using it regardless. The long and short of it: if this mod, SKSE64, or anything
else wreaks havoc on your save file, it's not something I have any control over; it's your call.

Permanent Legendary Bonuses is the continuation of the Oldrim mod of the same name made by ASUnited.
After conversations with ASUnited, we've decided that it would be best if I support the mod going forward.
As such, I've converted it for SSE and will attempt to continue to support and improve it for the foreseeable future.



The "Legendary" system in Skyrim is, by default, a thin bandage on the leveling soft-cap wound in Oldrim of yesteryear. Example...

A young novice illusionist starts with a few magic tricks (15), and eventually grows into an immensely powerful mind-bender who can befuddle the strongest of opponents (90). Then one day she reaches the pinnacle of her training and becomes a paragon of her craft (100), only to discover that being a truly legendary illusionist means that tomorrow she'll hardly be able to magically calm a carrot (15).

Sound familiar? Why would anyone want to prove how amazing they are by opting for selective amnesia of their primary skills with literally no benefit? No idea.

Permanent Legendary Bonuses aims to fix this by providing a permanent boost to the skill that's being sacrificed, among other bonuses and benefits.

Now when our master illusionist decides to take her craft to the next level, she'll gain a 10-point Illusion skill bonus. She'll still start back at 15, but this time she'll have an additional 10 points of effective Illusion level (15/25). Leveling again to max will be interesting too (100/110). Most importantly, though, this same skill being honed will result in the bonus being stacked for each Legendary. So she decides to go for it again (15/35), works her way up to the top again (100/120). Each Legendary skill gain provides an increased gain in both the new beginning, and in the re-mastery of the skill.

In addition to skill-based bonuses, there are special bonuses applied for the archetypes of skills being sacrificed...

Combat (Archery, Block, Heavy Armor, One-handed, Smithing, and Two-handed) — 5 health and stamina per Legendary
Magic (Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchanting, Illusion, and Restoration) — 10 magicka per Legendary
Stealth (Alchemy, Light Armor, Lockpicking, Pickpocket, Sneak, and Speech) — 20 carry capacity per Legendary


Since Permanent Legendary Bonuses makes use of SKSE64, and SkyUI has at least an SSE alpha out, I've put together an MCM for easier configuration. If you are unable to access the MCM for Permanent Legendary Bonuses, the following globals can be edited to help customize your Legendary experience...

  • PLB_SkillBonus (defaults to 10; adds to the skill which gained a Legendary level)
  • PLB_CombatBonus (defaults to 5; adds to health and stamina on Combat archetype Legendary)
  • PLB_MagickaBonus (defaults to 10; adds to magicka on Magic archetype Legendary)
  • PLB_CarryBonus (defaults to 20; adds to carry capacity on Stealth archetype Legendary)
  • PLB_SkillCap (defaults to 100; this means 100+ your natural level; set to 0 to disable the skill cap)

For example, if you wanted to never lose your effective skill level, you could set the skill bonus to 85 so that each Legendary would give you back the levels lost like so...

  1. Open the console (`).
  2. set PLB_SkillBonus to 85
  3. Reopen and close the skills menu to trigger the update.
  4. Enjoy your (massively overpowered and highly discouraged) changes! 


As Bethesda capped the formula effects of most (if not all by now) skills to 100, in order to get a benefit of skill bonus levels beyond 100, you'll need the Skyrim Skill Uncapper. It works with the SKSE64 that you already have (or you wouldn't be here), so there's no need for the other mentioned DLL loaders. Here are some easy steps to get it all set up...

  1. Go here:
  2. Download and install the mod (NMM or manual).
  3. Don't worry about your load order.
  4. Run your game and maybe load a save or something. ;)
  5. Close your game.
  6. Open a file navigator to your Skyrim Special Edition/Data/SKSE/Plugins folder.
  7. Open the SkyrimUncapper.ini with a text editor.
  8. Edit the item values in the [SkillFormulaCaps] to 200 (or whatever you feel is good).
  9. Scroll to the bottom and change the bHideLegendaryButton to false.
  10. Save the file.
  11. Enjoy your game.