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Patch for 3DNPCs kids to work with RS Children

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A big description should not be needed for this one.

If you have both mods, RS Children and Interesting 3DNPCs, you know you need a patch to fix 3DNPCs kids. This was my first time editing NPCs so don't expect Ranaline's level of beautification, I just made so the kids don't look broken or out of place anymore. If Ranaline ever release an official patch, I will gladly remove my mod.

These are the characters I edited, let me know if I missed some:
- Morrigan
- Olette
- Joselyn
- Child
- Imperial
- Thorolf
- Igna
- Ulrund
- Renni
- Child
- Fuki
- Child
- Henrietta

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Interesting 3DNPCs
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch