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This addresses bugs found in the Skyrim Survival mod from the Creation Club

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Unofficial Skyrim Survival Patch

This is an unofficial patch for Skyrim Survival from the Creation Club to resolve conflicts between it and USSEP (the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch), as well as any other bugs found within the mod. THIS IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH THE SKYRIM UNOFFICIAL PATCH PROJECT, and is a completely separate venture. Please keep all comments and feedback regarding the Survival patch here, and don’t report bugs with Creation Club content on the Unofficial Patch pages; that team is not supporting Creation Club content.


This patch has been localized for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish and Russian!

HUGE THANKS to Malinoric for all the help with the massive 2.6 release. You're the best! Thank you to kopasov for providing the initial Russian localization! Another huge thanks to Ypselonia for providing the initial German and French localization, and to TKHBMVP for providing assistance with German translation as well!


Use a mod manager of your choice or manually unzip the archive and place Unofficial Skyrim Survival Patch.esp in your Skyrim/Data folder.

Note: Your mod manager may not show survival, and thus show that this mod is missing a master file! Mod managers are still being updated for compatibility for ESL files like Survival, and so will not show survival in your load order. This means that they will also complain that this patch is missing a master file (the survival mod).

To make sure this patch is enabled, check your load order in-game. You can do this by launching Skyrim, going to the Mods menu, and then pressing T to open the load order menu. Make sure that this patch has a checkmark next to it, signifying that it has been enabled in your game.

In your load order, this should come after USSEP and Survival so that your load order looks like this:

00 Skyrim.esm
01 Update.esm
02 Dawnguard.esm
03 Hearthfires.esm
04 Dragonborn.esm
05 Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
06 ccqdrsse001-survivalmode.esl
07 Unofficial Skyrim Survival Patch.esp

Note that if you're using the in-game load order manager, 06 ccqdrsse001-survivalmode.esl may not show up, and you'll just need to check to make sure that the Unofficial Skyrim Survival Patch is enabled.

What Exactly Does This Do?

Skyrim always loads master-flagged ESL files before master-flagged ESP files. This means that Survival, (a master flagged ESL) will load before USSEP (a master flagged ESP), even if you use a mod manager to move Survival below USSEP. This also means that USSEP's bug fixes for food items don't contain the changes made by Survival to those items, (and this is true of other record types as well). This patch merges those changes, so that if you load this after Survival and USSEP, you can use them both without conflicts. This patch will also address standalone bugs that are found in Survival.

But Wait! Survival Loads AFTER USSEP, how is USSEP overriding Survival?!

This is a great question. For Survival (and presumably other master-flagged ESL files), the load order doesn't really mean much, it appears. New records in Survival end up being assigned the FormID (first two digits or letters you see in front of objects when you look them up in the console), FE, which places those edits at the absolute end of your load order. For edits to existing items, (like a rabbit haunch, for example), those are processed immediately between Dragonborn.esm and the first master-flagged esp, like USSEP. This means that despite being placed lower in the load order than USSEP automatically by the game, USSEP still wins record conflicts with survival. However, by loading this patch underneath survival and USSEP, it resolves those conflicts successfully.

As for fixing bugs within Survival, this patch's edits are processed BEFORE Survival's new records are assigned the FormID FE, which means that we're able to successfully patch any broken records within Survival.

Found a Bug?

If you’ve found a bug with Skyrim Survival or with this patch, please report that on this page.