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Adjusts the leveled lists and outfits of the Imperial Legion Soldiers, in order to better reflect the original concept art and provide greater armor variety.

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Adjusts the leveled lists and outfits of the Imperial Legion Soldiers, in order to better reflect the original concept and provide greater armor variety.

In vanilla, most Imperial Soldiers were restricted to using Light or Studded armor variants (with Studded being twice as likely to appear as Light). Heavy armor was only placed onto specific NPC's, in specific situations.

Some of the original concept art for the Imperial Legionaries also features a somewhat different interpretation of the armor than what is in the released game. The current Heavy Helmet design was originally for use with the Studded armor, the Officer helmet in game was originally used as the Helmet for the Heavy armor, and the Studded armor was originally accompanied by the Light shield, instead of the Heavy shield. There was also another tier of armor between Studded and Heavy, which used the Officer helmet, as well as the Heavy Shield. Interestingly, the light helmet and full faced heavy helmet are missing from this concept art.

Given this information, I have tried to edit the existing 3 armor sets in a way that makes sense within the context of the current game, as well as more closely resembling the original ideas. I have also implemented a new armor set with a new chest piece, the Imperial Officer's Armor, ensuring that every helmet has a matching armor set. The Officer's armor is a retextured version of General Tullius' Armor.

All standard Imperial Guards and Soldiers can now spawn with the Light, Studded, or Heavy armor sets (equal chance of getting each). The Officer Armor is distributed to most of the soldiers that previously used the Heavy set.


  • Armor Sets
    • Light
      • Imperial Light Armor
      • Imperial Light Boots
      • Imperial Light Bracers
      • Imperial Light Helmet
      • Imperial Light Shield
    • Studded (Medium)
      • Imperial Studded Armor
      • Imperial Light Boots
      • Imperial Light Bracers
      • Imperial Studded Helmet
      • Imperial Light Shield
    • Heavy
      • Imperial Armor
      • Imperial Boots
      • Imperial Gauntlets
      • Imperial Helmet
      • Imperial Shield
    • Officer
      • Imperial Officer's Armor
      • Imperial Boots
      • Imperial Gauntlets
      • Imperial Officer's Helmet
      • Imperial Shield
  • Miscellaneous Changes
    • Imperial Helmets that previously accompanied the seldom used Heavy Set have been renamed to Imperial Studded Helmet, and are now Light Armor. They were already partially configured to be Light Armor in the game, however they had been partially changed to Heavy Armor later in development.
    • Imperial Studded Armor is now slightly better than Imperial Light Armor, but weighs slightly more. This better reflects the dialogue that states it will weigh the user down more.
    • Generals Tullius and Carius have had their equipment slightly altered. Tullius' cuirass has been changed to light armor to match his gloves and boots. Carius has had his helmet changed to resemble an Officer helmet, as he is an Officer.
    • Hadvar now wears Heavy Armor at Helgen, and recieves the helmet for his armor during the Jagged Crown quest. This is more consistent with the new design philosophy.
    • Imperial Archers in the Civil War questline now use their unique outfit lists, which were previously unused. This list has been edited to give them either Light or Studded armor sets (equal chance of both).
    • Imperial Generals that fight in the Civil War use armor appropriate shields.
    • Imperial Mages that fight Alduin during Unbound now wear bracers.
    • Imperial Officers that were cut from the Civil War questline use armor appropriate shields, if restored.
    • Imperial Wizards that were cut from the Civil War questline have been edited to have more appropriate outfits, if restored. They receive Light Armor and the Leather Hood used by Imperial Mages and the Torturer during the escape from Helgen.
    • Light and Heavy shields are consistently applied to their specific armor sets. They were haphazardly applied to soldiers with incorrect armor many times in the vanilla game.

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