UnImmersive Creation Club - Not That Special Edition by EizabethEzda
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Last updated at 22:50, 3 Oct 2017 Uploaded at 18:42, 2 Oct 2017

This is ported over from Oldrim Nexus as per request, I suppose it looks a bit prettier but tbh it's not that special as it's basically the same experience as
it was over there. I did update the .esp and .nif files to work with SSE though and I also tested it to make sure that it won't crash your game.

The Creation Club is a playable retexture of a Giant's Club... I'm sure that there are better clubs that are more creative than this on
Nexus if you look around.

It is possible to temper the Creation Club and it comes in a choice of 3 different colours: Morthal Camouflage, Death
Hound Black and Red Oak Wood. All versions of the club have both 1st person and 3rd person views.

I intended to make an in depth quest to obtain the Creation Club but I didn't because well, that seemed like a lot of work for a retexture. Then I thought maybe I'd just make a fetch quest or have it so that you looted it from a mob in a field somewhere, or maybe have it magically appear in your inventory but those ideas were all a bit half arsed.

So I settled on it being crafted.

Craft the Creation Club by using a cooking pot to convert your Gold Septims into Broken Souls.
Then you can use 3 Broken Souls at any forge to craft the Creation Club.

Crafting Recipe
You can make a batch of 2 Broken Souls for 799 Gold Septims at a cooking pot.
You will need 3 Broken Souls to forge the Creation Club this means you will have to craft the Broken Soul item twice.
So, the Creation Club will cost you a total of 1598 Gold Septims and you will have a leftover Broken Soul for future use.

Install in your data folder using a mod manager or manually.

It shouldn't conflict with anything but I am relying on other content creators to make unofficial patches to fix the bugs in any mods mini dlc I release.

Future plans
I intend to release more items that utilize Broken Souls and I will most likely continue to reskin and recycle content that has previously been seen in this or older games especially if I can get someone else to do all the hard work for me.

Added a handy single pack of all the clubs so now you can have as many as you want in game - but you do have to download ALL of the files to your
hard drive whether you want them there or not.