Ravengate - Riften Underground by Enai Siaion
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Ravengate - Riften Underground

Participate in illegal prizefights in an arena underneath Riften. Defeat 10 unique opponents on your way to the top. A story driven arena mod with 12 voice acted characters.


  • A sprawling underground ruin.
  • Watch fights or schedule your own duel between 8PM and 11PM every night.
  • Climb the Blacklist by competing against 10 fearsome opponents.
  • 14 voice acted characters with unique personalities.
  • Receive your rewards in the form of unique items.
  • Success is not just determined by fighting skill: being an expert at skills such as speech, lockpicking and pickpocketing may give you an edge or unlock new options.

How to start

Make sure you are level 5 or up (a higher level is strongly recommended) and murdered someone. Your actions will be noticed... Once they are, a message will appear and a courier will start its way towards you. (Going to a major city and repeatedly waiting helps the courier get to you sooner.)

Beta notice

This is a beta version and may have bugs. If you run into any, please report them in the mod thread.

Future updates will add more NPCs and side quests.


Writing and lore partner: JP Corwyn
Resources by: Apachii, Benitoite, Elianora, gp160, Maty743, milisot1325, natterforme, Nazenn, Nimenis, nsk13, PrivateEye, TamiraArionAbitor, theminblack, viltuska, zzjay
Voice acting by:
- Almawrexia: Mya Schuwerk
- Cereus Septim: Jacob "Hades" Barlow
- Durak gro-Muroz: Dave Scheidecker
- Edwain: Paul Warren
- Flamia Curion: Caitlin Buckley
- Hala Diinu, Yngven Ice-Wolf: Tera
- Lindor Blackfern: JP Corwyn
- Loraliah: Sarah Brown
- Marukab at-Qaboor, Sadryn: Ty Harper
- Xivaz, Arn Farson: Gilthielm81
- Zanath Llandu: Vincent Gutauskas
Audio production by: JP Corwyn, Ty Harper
Moral support: Elianora, Nairae, JP Corwyn, Thallassa, Cartogriffi