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  • Rejected Mods


    Automatic Variants SSE - Really problematic and in most case broken. Not actively supported by author.

    More Accurate Collision SSE - Not compatible with SMIM. Can cause CTD because some of the meshes from this mod are broken.
    Loot and Degradation SE  - Outdated mod (last update in 2014). It have a lots of problems that was not fixed. Can cause random CTD. Also it require a lot of patches to be actually compatible with heavy modded game.
    Pastel Map Markers - not compatible with SkyUI.
    Lockpicking Interface Redone SSE - old port of original FrankFamily mod. There is no point to use it anymore when we have fixed and updated version by original author.
    Maids II - Deception - main...

  • Tools

    zEdit - download

    Merging, and Bashing can lower your ESP count. Other advantages include a potential increase in game stability. It can even be essential to Bash some mods for them to work properly. Reducing your plugin count will allow you to add more mods, but you don't have to do it. 

    WARNING: Please read tutorials, and watch videos on how to use these tools before you do. They are not an exact science, and errors can be made. I'm no expert with them, and I'm making no guarantees on how they will affect your game. The results from each tool should be checked in SSEedit afterwards, before starting your game.

    IMPORTANT NOTE ON MERGING/BASHING PATCHES: Load order for patches can be important, and when you merge/bash them together, the merge...

  • SSE Engine Fixes

    Using one of these should be considered essential. The main purpose of these, is to fix an issue the game has concerning plugins. Your game can start losing performance when you have several plugins installed, it doesn't even have to be that many, and it still happens if the plugins are empty. Read the description on the mod page for SSE Engine Fixes for a more detailed explanation.

    WARNING: Make sure the version you use for either of these, matches the version of SKSE that you're using. 

    (SKSE) SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin) (Y)

    Description: It includes a fix for the plugin issue, and other fixes too, such as the Double Perk Apply Fix. Read the mod page description for more information.

    Installation: Part 1 c...

  • xEdit

    This amazing external tool has a huge amount of functions, which include editing and cleaning mods, creating patches, and applying scripts to mods. 
    As a minimum, it will be used to clean your master files, and this will be done next. There will be a few other occasions in the guide where I mention its other uses, and suggest you may want to use it for something. 

    LINK: Download SSEEdit and then extract the contents to a new folder (name it SSEEdit) in your Modding Folder (Tools). 

    MO: First load MO, and click the picture of two gears on the main top left tool bar (configure the executable's that can be started through MO). Then in the Title box, write the name of the tool you wish to add. In this case SSEEdit.

    Next click on t...

  • Preparation

    If possible (and highly recommended), start with a fresh install of the game on a separate hard drive to the one that your operating system is on. If you can't or only have the one hard drive, avoid installing steam, and your games in Programme Files (x86) as you can run into administrator issues later on. 

    For anyone who doesn't have a SSD drive, you will have to take this into account when modding your game. There is a significant difference in performance between them, and a standard hard drive, and playing a fully modded Skyrim takes a lot of processing power. 

    I am presuming that you will have purchased your copy from Steam, and know how to install games, but if not, here is a link to a video by GamerPoets for an in depth installation gu...

  • Making an ESPLite

    Making an ESPLite/ ESPFE/ ESPL
    There will be a lot of  marks in the guide... It mean that you need to add ESL flag to the ESP file in xEdit. You can do it safely on almost all patches
    Here, I will explain how to do it. 

    Load the ESP in SSEEdit

    When the background loader is finished, double-click on plugin to expand it. Click on File Header.

    Go to Record Flags, left-click on it and select Edit.

    Tick the ESL box and press OK.

    Now, it should look like this.

    Close SSEEdit. Make sure that plugin that you edited is the only plugin ticket in the list.

    There will be also a lot of  marks in the guide... It mean that you need to Compact For...

  • Mod Organizer 2

    If a mod is hosted on the Nexus, you can add it to MO in two ways. One is to click Download With Manager under the file on the Nexus, and this will download it directly to your mod manager. The other is to click the Manual Download button, and this will download it to your download folder. See below for specific instructions.


    DOWNLOAD WITH MANAGER: When you first launch MO it will ask you if you want to set it up to use nxm links, which means do you want to be able to use the Download With Manager button. Click yes.

    To sign into the Nexus with MO, click on the screwdriver, and spanner symbol (configure settings, and workarounds) on the main top left tool bar. Click the Nexus tab, type in your Nexu...

  • Creation Kit

    Installing the Creation Kit (CK) is essential for the guide. To install the CK, go to the Bethesda web page and click to download the launcher. This will install an executable first, and it doesn't matter where you install it. 

    Follow the steps and it should suggest to install the Creation Kit into your Skyrim Special Edition folder, which is where you want it to be. At some point in this process Bethesda will ask you to sign in. If you don't already have an account, you can create one at this time. If you can't get it to launch, try disabling your anti virus software.

    Here is a link to a video by Darkfox127 for more detail.

    There's an issue with the Creation Kit in that you can't load more than one master, but this can be...

  • BethINI

    BethINI - (Y)

    Description: A tool that gives you a user friendly way to change your ini settings, or you can let it do it for you. It's very user friendly, in that it gives you a description of each setting if you hold your mouse cursor over it. A link to a tutorial by Dirty Weasel Media.

    Download it and extract it to a new folder. I put it on my D drive, but your desktop would be fine. Open it, double click the application, and then select Skyrim Special Edition. Mod Organizer needs to be closed before you launch Bethini.


    On the first screen, pick the setting that matches what was suggested when you first loaded the game to create the .ini files (for example, ultra), and the...

  • History

    1. Preparation
    2. xEdit
    3. Cleaning Masters
    4. Creation Kit
    5. SSE Engine Fixes
    6. Mod Organizer 2
    7. Converting Mods
    8. Making an ESPLite
    9. Tools
    10. BethINI
    11. Rejected Mods...

  • Converting Mods

    There are some key differences between mods made for Legendary Edition (LE), and those made for Special Edition (SE), because of the changes Bethesda made to the game when they remastered it. Most mods that are available for LE, but not SE can be made to work, but they have to be converted.

    When people first started playing SE, some people started experiencing bugs in their game, such as CTD's (crash to desktop) when crafting, problems with dialogue, and even partially corrupted saves. After a huge debate, several main theories of why this was happening arose. 

    Initially it was largely believed to be connected to using to many heavily scripted mods, but this was surpassed by a more substantial theory that it was down to using unconverted Lege...

  • Cleaning Masters

    The masters refers to the five master plugins that are contained in the main game. The Skyrim.esm doesn't have to be cleaned, and it never should be. 
    There is more information on masters in the section Useful Information, under the sub-heading Plugins, Master, and Requirements.

    CLEANING THE MASTERS: Before you start downloading your chosen mods, you really should clean your master files. It's surprisingly easy. 


    Launch SSEEdit through MO2. Select only Update.esm and click OK.

    When the background loader is finished, right-click Update.esm and click Apply Filter for Cleaning.

    Right-click Update.esm; select Remove "Identical to Master" records; click YES in the warning w...