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    If you are using iActivate you've probably noticed that the text removal does not work on everything.
    For example:
    ->Ore always shows instruction "mine"..
    ->Hanging garlic always shows instruction "harvest"..
    ->Coin purse always shows instruction "take"..
    ..and so on.
    Items added by mods, like 'ESO Skyshards' or 'Frozen in Time' (and others) will also always show instructions of the action.
    This short guide will show you how you can make iActivate work for every activable object from vanilla game and any mod.
    And at the end it will also show you how to make the mod work together with SkyHUD to ensure that 100% of un-immersive instructions are gone.
    1. Install iActivate as and where it is in the guide. I am referring to the Nordic guide.
    2. Download also the file from "Optional Files". This is the script for SSE Edit.
    3. Drag and drop the two scripts from the dpwnloaded file into "Edit Scripts" folder inside SSE Edit.
    4. Continue with the guide.
    5. Finish with the guide.
    6. After all of your desired mods are installed - including patches, patchers and LOD generators - load your entire load order to SSEEdit. It will take time. Just wait.
        I mean entire load order - from 'Skyrim.esm' to 'DynDOLOD.esp'.
    7. After everything is loaded, right-click anywhere in the load order and select "Apply Filter".
    8. In the pop-up window keep everything as it is, just tick "by Record Signature" and "ACTI - Activator". Then click "Filter".
    9. When everything is filtered (should take only few seconds) press CTRL + A {select all}, right-click and select "Apply Script...".
    10. Find and select "iActivate - Patcher" and click "OK".
    11. In the pop-up window click "Yes".
    12. In the next pop-up window insert the name you want to use. Me personally I name it "iActivate Patch". You can name it "uncle Carl" or what ever. It will be yours. This will create a plugin which will be later added to the right pane of MO2.
    13. Wait for the process to finish. You will see message at the bottom "Done applying Script...bla bla.."
    14. Exit SSE Edit and click "OK" when asked about saving file.
    15. Depending on how your MO2 is setup you will have or just the newly created 'iActivate Patch.esp' in the 'Overwrite' folder or also 'SSEEdit Cache'. You can delete 'SSEEdit Cache' if you have it.
    16. Right-click 'Overwrite' folder and select "Create Mod..." and name it as you wish. This will create a mod which will be in the left pane of MO2.
    17. Now just activate it in the left pane of MO2. In both panes it should stay at the end of your load order.
    This How-to was originally posted by lassin in the iActivate mod page comment section. I added more details and pictures.
    As mentioned at the beginning now I will show few steps how to make iActvate make work with SkyHUD.
    SkyHUD's "hudmenu.swf" and "skyhud.txt." will overwrite some functions from iActivate. This will happen no matter on the load order priority their are in.
    "hudmenu.swf" will add white rhombus - diamond shaped icon - to all empty containers. This will overwrite/add to iActivate's text for empty containers. No matter which one you choose in the MCM. If you choose 'blank(nothing)' just the white rhombus will be visible to mark an empty container. I think this is not immersive because you don't know if a container is empty before yo open it. SO this needs to go away :-)
    "skyhud.txt" will keep the 'activate button' visible -> 'E'
    So with iActivate and SkyHUD you will still see instructions which button to press and hint which containers are empty.
    if you want to change that to total immersion and see only the name of the object follow these steps.
    1. Install SkyHUD as and where it is in the guide. I am referring to the Nordic guide. Pick which ever presets you like or pick none and download additional presets.
    2. Once installed, double-click the mod in the left pane in MO2, go to "Filetrree" tab, locate "skyhud.txt" file, right-click on it and select "Open". There is also other way but I am allow only 10 pictures in here. Lame.
    3. Find command "bHideActivateButton=0" and change it to "bHideActivateButton=1". Exit and "Save"
    Now you've got rid of the instruction which button to press when looking at an activable object.
    4. Download some software capable of opening .swf files. I use "FFDec" but there are also others.
    5. Double-click on program's executable. For me it is "ffdex.exe"
    6. Click "Open" and navigate to the "hudmenu.swf". Mine is in "Mod Organizer 2" --> "mods" --> "SkyHUD"  --> "Interface".
    7. Click on "images".
    8. Locate this icon
    9. Right-click on it and select "Remove with dependencies".
    (sorry, allowed only 10 images, you can manage)
    10. In the pop-up window click "Yes".
    11. Save (upper left corner) and exit.
    Now you've got rid of the white rhombus which served as hint which containers are empty.
    If you have done both parts of this mini guide as written (no matter which part was done first and which second) then in-game you should see only names of objects when hovering over them (=looking at them from up close).
    Hope this helps you get bit more immersion.