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Nobody ever came out alive from this house!

Will you be crazy enough to get in ?

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The house is located near the Western Watchtower (Whiterun)

A place made by the Daedric Prince of the Madness Sheogorath to honor the Emperor Pelagius Septim III, the Mad.

Nobody ever came out alive from this house!

Will you be crazy enough to get in ?

Personne n’est jamais ressorti vivant de cette maison !

Serez-vous assez fou pour y rentrer ?

In this mod, 61 fights against the Werebeasts in a labyrinth of rooms ...

You will find on their corpses, 59 books to summon those same Werebeasts as followers (with 2 mounts: Godzilla and MechaGodzilla)...

Dans ce mod, 61 combats contre des "Loups garous" dans un labyrinthe de chambres…

Vous trouverez sur les cadavres des livres pour les invoquer comme suiveurs (avec 2 montures) ...

I can’t change the sounds of those creatures …


1.Dragon Man
2.Flame Lurker
3.New Gargoyle
4.Fiend A
5.WereCrocodile 2
8.Xenomorph Queen
10.Armored Daedroth
11.Flesh Grinder
15.Dwarven Punisher
17.Benthic Hunter
18.Daedra Grub
19.Evil Werewolf
21.Frost Lurker
23.Hunger 1
24.Hunger 2
25.Legendary Werewolf
26.Natural Werewolf
28.Nekker Warrior
29.New Werewolf
32.Shurian Hunter
33.Snow Devil
35.Kawah Ijen
36.Mecha Godzilla
37.Mimic Chest
40.WereCrocodile 1
45.Werewolf King
47.Witcher Wolf
48.Fiend B
49.Fiend C
51.Snow Werebear
52.Snow WereDovahbear
53.Xenomorph Snow
54.Xenomorph Resurrection
55.Xenomorph Warrior
56.Xenomorph Predalien
57.Xenomorph Lurker
58.Xenomorph Deacon

Snow Werebear Replacer Player Only


Vicn for the meshes of Armored Daedroth, Dwarven Punisher, Shoggoth, Frost Lurker, Flesh Grinder, Benthic Hunter, Hunger 2, Mimic Chest and Flame Lurker in his mod Vicn Creature Pack

mdogger for the mesh and textures of the Guar (in smm)

Muppetpuppet for the textures and mesh of the Raptor (in smm)

ranckel/Gendundrup for the Xenomorph in the mod Nexus Creature Resource
(Model by Dogtown1, mod of ranckel: Xenomorph Alien werewolf replacer V4 with 6 variants)

Dogtown1 for the meshes/textures of WereTiger, Afflicted, Snow Devil, Goatman, Ogre, WereCrocodile 1, Dragon Man, Bullvore, DaedraGrub, Hunger 1, Witcherwolf and New Gargoyle in his mod Skyrim Monster Mod

maymay1588 for the mesh of the WereDovahbear in his mod Dovahbear Companion

Jeremy Hamilton for the mesh/textures of the Natural Werewolf in his mod Naturalistic Werewolves

Grohiik for the mesh/textures -2nd model- of the WereSkeever; -first model- in the mod Skyrim Immersive Creatures by lifestorock

Grohiik for the mesh/textures of the Werewolf King in the mod Skyrim Immersive Creatures by lifestorock

Quechus13 and bonniethebeast for the Godzilla and the MechaGodzilla

Gendundrup for the Nekkers in his mod Nexus Creature Resource ; Derivative work from the models of the games “The Witcher, The Witcher 2” from CD Projekt Red (“Permission was given by the Witcher makers to use these assets as long as they were properly credited.”“Lispuppy” moderator of the Nexus forum 03/02/2014)

Aliens218 for the Legendary Werewolf ,and the New Werewolf textures and meshes

SpikeDragonLord and jboyd4 for the WereLion/Lioness, the WereCroc 2, the WereVulture, The WereMammoth, the WereBoar and the WereShark in the mod Beasts of Tamriel

jackGa for the Meshes/Textures of the Xenomorph Queen, the Shurian Hunter, the Evil W., the Femuto, the Kawah Ijen, in his mod JG Monsters

WalkingMassofComplexes and LorSakyamuni's Witcher resources for the 3 Fiends

Elfendrago87 for the WerePanther in Werepanther Mesh and texture Resource

Kelretu for the Iron Maiden in Kelretu's Modders Resources

Ronnie Magnum for the Werewolf Slayer (Witcher weapon) in Zireael Sword Resource

Grilli for the statue of the werewolf ; mod Arena Island

Stroti –Tamira for the Hobbit House in the mods Stroti's Hobbit Home Resource, Marnya - My Hobbit Home and Stroti's Treehouse Resource (for the invisible door)

Stroti -Tamira for the Batcave in the mod Stroti's Mushroom House Resource

baronf for the 2 doors and the Basement in his mod Bosmer City Kit Resource

MihailMods for the WereBat in his mod Vampire Beasts- Mihail Monsters and Animals (mihail immersive add-ons - witcher - stalker)