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A BYOH styled Redux of the Forgotten Home between Whiterun Watchtower and Fellglow Keep.

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Description of how this mod came to be.

After growing up in a household of secret Talos worshippers in Chorrol for 20 years, Caius decided to leave his family behind and join the Empire, believing that they would one day change their decision on the White-Gold Concordat and join the Stormcloaks in driving the Thalmor off of the face of Tamriel. Sending them with their tails between their legs, back into the Summerset Isles. Sadly, this never came to be, and Caius was caught with his make-shift Talos shrine while out on duty in Skyrim’s upper region. Instead of killing him for his crimes Legate Hrollod, his superior requested that Caius be sent to Northwatch Keep. Hrollod had asked for him to be freed once he renounces his Talos worship and starts agreeing to the ban.

5 years pass, and still, Caius was as determined as ever to his cause, continuing to believe in Talos, never letting his worship be diminished. That day was different, something was different. Caius had noticed that the guards watching him in his cell were being a little less observant, and saw this as a sign of Talos watching over him. With lockpicks, he had carved out of the wooden beams that were in his cell, he unlocked the cell door and snuck away from the guards. He found a sword on a weapon rack in the next room and began his escape. After a long and hard battle Caius was able to escape the Keep and make his way to Whiterun, a neutral hold in the Civil War, all while evading multiple patrols of Thalmor Justiciars presumably looking for him. Here Caius should be safe from a highly concentrated number of Thalmor Agents, as long as he keeps his head down… for now.

After helping out a few citizens here and there in Whiterun, Caius decided to find somewhere he could call home, at least for now while he’s trying to keep out of the Thalmor’s bad books. While out on his journey he passed the Whiterun Watchtower and saw that there was a broken-down shack not too far from Whiterun City. It would be here Caius would make his home. After clearing out Fellglow Keep to make sure he didn’t have any unwanted problems in the night, Caius began working on his new home, filling it with necessities and trinkets as he built.



Hanging/Butchered Meats Storage
Hide Storage (Cloud Storage with Basement Hide Storage)
Hunting Table
Tanning Rack
Trophy Basket

Main Home

Alchemy Satchel
Armor Chest
Clothing Storage
Cooking Pot
Food and Drink
Jewellery Storage
Misc Chest
Potion and Poison Chests
Produce Barrel
Soul Gem Basket
Weapon Barrel


Hide Storage (Cloud Storage with Exterior Hide Storage)
Ingot Storage
Ore Storage
Weapon Racks x2

Forgotten Home Redux should be compatible with everything as long as it doesn’t affect these Wilderness Cells:

-1, -2
-1, -3
-2, -2
-2, -3

Required to own Skyrim Special Edition and all expansions to be installed. More specifically Hearthfire since the build script wouldn’t work without it. But why would you not always have all of them installed?

Special thanks to Lolicept and their “Lolicept Resources SE” without these the Home could not visually be what it is.
Also special thanks to Darkfox127 for the BYOH Script and the Cloud Storage videos/resources, without that, I wouldn’t have the slightest clue on where to start with the buildable objects.
Thanks, guys!

If you find any bugs with the mod, be sure to comment the problem and I will be sure to update the mod as soon as it’s convenient.

Why does this require all of the DLC’s?
A: Simply because it wasn’t meant to be released as a mod on the Nexus, just for me and my own playthrough. So, any DLC additions could possibly be a thing later down the line, who knows.