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Faster Skill Leveling 2017 upgraded to Ultimate, now easier to use than ever before!

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Unhidden after popular demand! However, this mod is currently unsupported, which means I will not help with any issues on the current version, and will instead work on integrating this mod into the world somehow instead of through scripting. Download at your own risk!

If you're new here, this mod simply multiplies the amount of XP the player earns by their choice of 0.5, 2, 5, or 10. Any option above 0.5 will result in faster leveling, while 0.5 results in leveling that's half as fast. Please do not ask for any different multipliers, I will not make any more.

Gone are the days of typing in console commands on every playthrough, now the process is entirely automated via scripting.

In summary, depending on which .esp you activate determines which perk gets added via script, and it should automatically add the perk as soon as the game starts. Additionally, if at some point you decide you want a different multiplier, activating a different .esp will remove any previous multipliers added by this mod, so they don't end up stacking or overriding each other or some crazy third thing. Only activate 1 .esp at a time, otherwise the game will probably crash!

NOTICE: Using the x10 version of this mod may result in erroneous difficulty spikes, as the game uses the player's level to determine enemy spawn types and levels, thus you may face tougher enemies earlier in the game when you lack the proper equipment. Some people may not notice this, but if you feel Skyrim has suddenly gotten a bit harder, I recommend against using x10 as the player was not meant to level up that fast.