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Who is Kaidan?

Kaidan is a quest-aware follower, professionally voiced by Daniel Matthew Lemon. He is written to be a more immersive romantic option for the player. Advancing your relationship with Kaidan is not dependant on any questlines, instead, you are encouraged to interact with him and see the bond develop over time.

Install Note: Make sure 0Kaidan.esp is as low as possible in your load order (Live Another Life should be placed lower). Non-responsive dialogue bug seems to be fixed by a re-install through NMM. Kai has his own follower AI, so do not use follower-tweak functions on him (iNeed for followers, AFT, etc)
So far the mod has proved compatible with "Live Another Life". If you encounter any bugs please let me know. Skyrim can take a while to load mods fully once a new game has been started, if you encounter any problems associated with this, reloading from the first autosave should fix any such issue.

V 1.3 Updates:

  • Paarthunax Ultimatum compatible.
  • Kaidan can swim
  • No idle chatting when sneaking
  • Fade-to-black after seduction
  • Arch-mage conversation bug fix
  • Line repition fixed
  • Relic enchantment fix
  • Scars visible when he's naked
  • You can track him on the map - very useful if you tell him to rest or wait and forget where you left him.
While it's always a safe bet to use a clean-save, the update should still be fine with whatever save-game you have with Kai.

Starting Out:

Kaidan can be found in the Abandoned Prison and becomes a follower once freed. Note: The vanilla Abandoned Prison has a bit of a bug with followers, losing track of them when you leave. This bug should be fixed with the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. Otherwise, a simple fast-travel when you're outside the prison will make Kaidan appear again.

If you dissmiss him, he will return to the Dead man's Drink in Falkreath. Kaidan's gear can be found in a 'Prisoner belongings' chest in the same
room as Cyrelian. You can keep the bow if you like, but he'll bug you a bit about his armour if you're carrying it around with you. You can craft your own set at any forge.

Kaidan has his own follower AI system so while he won't add to your follower count, he also can't be controlled by mods like Amazing Follower Tweaks. You can still inspect and modify his gear to decide what he will wear and what weapons he willuse. Keep in mind, he also will not automatically spawn arrows, you'll need to supply him with those. 100 steel arrows can be found in the samechest as his warbow.


Ask Kaidan what his best skills are an he'll tell you. Generally, he works best as an all-rounder tank with high skills in two handed, heavy armour and archery.


The Let's Rest option is available in pretty much any safe area. In this state, more dialogue options are available and Kaidan will use any idle markers in the area, eat, drink, and sleep. He will do this until you tell him to follow you again, so use this option if you want him to stay somewhere specific (your player house, a tavern, a campsite) rather than heading back to Falkreath.


Put on an Amulet of Mara and have a chat to him. This will open up more romantic dialogue options that will progress over time. After the initial conversation about the Amulet, you don't need to keep wearing it for the relationship to progress; let those feelings bloom and you'll end up with a dedicated lover as your companion. A marriage/wedding is being worked on and will be available in future updates, for now the aim was to create a roleplay-friendly relationship that feels organic.

If you DON'T want Kaidan to flirt with you or pursue you romantically, just don't speak to him while wearing an Amulet of Mara! Some of his dialogue will still be heavy on the Bromance (it's guy love!) and you'll miss out on a few conversations, but he won't hit on you.


Kaidan is in Skyrim digging up information about his past. This investigation is not a guided quest and a few clues can be found across the land, and are easiest to come by simply by working your way through the main questline. Your ability to translate dragon runes will depend on how many words of power you know, or how far you are in the quest, or if you've got the know-how and initiative to translate the runes yourself. You do not need all clues to complete the investigation; hell, if you can speak dragon and translate the clue on the sword yourself, go for it. can be useful.

If you still want help, hints or spoilers for the puzzle, look at the bottom of the ReadMe on the Skyrim version of the mod (I'll be uploading the readme here shortly)


Kaidan has custom hair, eyes, brows, and face-tint, however no alterations have been made to his vanilla race body. This means he's compatible with any body-mesh and texture mods you use and will not add unexpected nudity to the game. Don't have any body mods? Check out "Better Males" by Chris57 and FavoredSoul, author reccomended mod!

What's next for the mod?
This is my first port to SSE so please report any bugs you find. After that, I'll be looking at a Hearthfire and marriage ceremony addon, and further expansion of his dialogue to make the follower more immersive.

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