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Gas Pumps for use in your own mods. 8 total.

Permissions and credits
*Disclaimer: This is not my mod, I'm just helping my friend 'Solo Album Productions', and his fans by sharing his work.

How to use:

Step 1:
Download the pack.

Step 2: Credits.
I know it's a bit of a mouthful coming up, but once you're done reading and understanding, it gets much, much quicker to credit the relevant authors.

Head to the credits section on this mod page, and link the object/s you downloaded with its written credit.
*You should check the original SketchFab page to know for sure where you're sourcing something.
Copy and paste the name, author and link into your mods credits section.
Also state the license which is CC-By 4.0, and link to it (the link is also in the credits section).
You can use my credits section as a template if you wish.
Please review the original model link and the CC-By 4.0 license to ensure you
are okay with its terms and conditions. They are fairly simple in this context. 
Please also credit this mod, and state that this collection has it's own credits section with more details.

Step 3: Using in CK
Just create a static object in Creation Kit and select the NIF of your choice.

What's new, what's different?

In the original version, I only ported 3 Gas Pumps. Now there's 8 to choose from. 2 were recalled.
All previously released Gas Pumps now have collision data too.
Gas Pumps can now be grabbed in Creation Kit.
*save for 5 and 8 listed in the credits.
Should you have grab marker difficulty:
What you do is go to Cell View and then click on the cell you are editing. Load it up. Then find where you placed one of the previously listed object.
There will be a list of objects in that cell (right side of Cell View). Click
on that object static, then the Free Camera Perspective Tab above
Cell View and then press 'E'. To load up the movement gizmo, which you'll have to
use instead. Or you can click on either of the two yellow squares adjacent to said axis movement gizmo and then click and drag.

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