Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Don the cowl of the Dark Knight, complete with a new Wayne Manor player home, a Batcave, and much more!

Permissions and credits

"Bats frighten me. It's time the world shared my dread,".

An urban legend haunts Tamriel; all of the holds... the townsfolk whisper of him... of it

A shadow haunts the night, predating on the superstitious, the cowardly. Is it a Nightingale? No, people have reported Nightingales have fallen to its might. A Daedra? Can't be-- it banishes them when it confronts them. Is it an Assassin? One can be skeptical-- no one in the Dark Brotherhood knows of anyone like the rumors speak of.

Then who?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... a mod several months in the making:



What is this mod?

This mod adds a player home (two, really), a new race, a standalone set of armor, a new enemy, a new NPC, and several new spells, all tied into Batman lore.
Yes, everything has been made lore-friendly, rest assured.

What specifically?

Well, the player gets a new home, called Vaynius Manor (lore-friendly version of Wayne Manor). It's a massive complex, comparable to the Goldenglow Estate, except the player owns it. You also gain access to the Batcave, the underground cave system of the Vaynius Manor converted to be a base of operations, complete with many things that you'll just have to see for yourself. 

A new race is added; basically, a race outfitted with the skills and whatnot necessary to be the Batman.

A new set of armor is added, the Batsuit. Let me be clear right now-- the Batsuit... is severely overpowered. Why?
Because you're Batman.

Also (this is admittedly experimental), there is a new enemy for you to fight. You'll find him rampaging (literally) in Markarth. Stop him before he kills anybody!! He's a man of impossible frame, and he's wearing a Luchador mask... claiming to be born in the darkness.
(A side note: unless you're an overpowered god in your own right, you're going to need the Batsuit to defeat him).

It also adds a new Friendly NPC. What is Batman without his butler?

Finally, many new spells have been added; of course, Batman needs his gadgets. And his magnificent Bat-Horse!!


Credits: Doc117, for the original base mod, and myself for the upgrades.