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Adds the hulk follower in the bannered maner.

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Credits -

Lord denethor for the "smashing like a giant idea"

Doc117 for the hulk pants in skyrim Avengers.

More Muscular Men texture normals

Better males (bodybuilder version)



There were several versions of hulk for the old skyrim but all of them were basically just a big green man that did very little hand to hand damage. Then there was the Lord denethor mod that actually gave him some supernatural hulk power BUT changed farkas to "Hulkas" and destroyed the campanions quests. I made this version of him a little more realistic so that he just smashes and does huge amounts of damage instead  of insta-kill-send-flying. He's got 10,000 health instead of infinite and has a speed of 800. He's a very powerful follower but not like the old version where he ran so fast and killed enemies before you saw them. I may make another version where he's overpowered and edit the body to be as wide as the movie.

Here is an example of the smashing like a giant effect on a different hulk mod.

I have a plan on doing all my favorite super heroes. Hulk, iron man, thor, captain America, batman, superman, Spider-Man and wolverine. I know they have all been done at one point but for example the best iron man follower is a nightingale retexture... but then there is an iron man repulsor beam and awesome suit in two different mods also a Robert downey jr preset I could use. Or Spider-Man there is a web spell and also another web spell that acts like a grappling hook..along with a different mod that has a Spider-Man suit. Or wolverine there is a logan mod, a retractable claws mod and a wolverine armour\follower mod. In the alreadyu done superman mods there are several different superman costume also a superman race mod with lazer vision. The captain America there are different armors and even a throwable shield. Thor has several different hammers and thunder spells available, even a chris hemsworth preset.