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Letter with the well rested bonus.

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This is a small mod which should have no conflicts with any other mod you may have installed.

It adds in a letter which upon reading everytime will give you the well rested bonus. 
You can take this letter anywhere with you in the world, so no more hunting for that pesky bed!

You can find the letter in River Wood in the Sleeping Giant Inn. It is sitting in on the edge of the fire pit right in front of the door. 
It does not respawn so do not lose it!

If you do somehow misplace it, or simply do not wish to travel to River Wood to pick it up.
player.additem XX000D62 1 (Where XX is the load order.) I.E -->05000D62<--

If you wish to travel directly to the Area it is located, this will place you inside the Sleeping Giant right in front of the door across from the letter.
coc riverwoodsleepinggiantinn

Console Commands List.
player.additem XX000D62 1 (Adds Item)
help "A Long Adventure." (Gets item ID)
coc riverwoodsleepinggiantinn (coc to letter)

** This mod was requested by another user.