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Hardcore Ordinator(Enai mods) driven Uncapper & Experience presets to reduce DPS, balance gameplay, enhance endgame, encourage attribute investments, validate alternative builds, etc.

Permissions and credits
Uncapper and Experience presets designed to work with most Enai's gameplay overhauls and some other typical hardcore mods like Revenge of the Enemies SE.
Simple but effective. Hard but balanced. If not, please refer to my mod list below

Please pay attention to requirements changes from V0.8
V0.7 and V0.6 were designed for non-Experience and non-SKSE users

Also, feel free to provide feedbacks on balance and features.

To reduce the initial EXP gain by Experience, you can try this mod.

Skyrim Skill Uncapper by Kassent

NMM install
Just activate in your NMM after you have:
1. activated the original Uncapper and Experience
2. Run the game at least once
3. Activate my mod to overwrite ini settings in the two mods above

Manual install
Simply overwrite:

Mod list 30 Jul 2018

Character level cap

It gives you the total attribute points of 1043, which you would get at level 104 in a vanilla game.
Even with High level enemies and Revenge of Enemies, you only get most bosses around lvl 70~80.
So, you would still be pretty overpowered at lvl 150.  (I felt overpowered around lvl 50 with a tank build and Jenessa)

The level progression has been reworked as ESO, significantly slowed down for mid/late game. So, it will almost take you to finish half of the quest mods out there on Nexus to reach that level.

EXP Gain
The exp system is very similar to ESO. You gain exp from skills, questing, clearing, exploring, killing, recycling(check for mod list), etc.  All activities are equally contributing to your character level.

EXP gain speed is much lower than vanilla. You have lowered quest EXP, 50~75% of original Experience. This is to lower the initial exp exploit with Alternative start and quests like Thieves Guild. If I don't do this, you will reach high level too soon to enjoy these mid-level contents. It will be pretty unbalanced and an obvious exploit.

Skill advancement is much slower, between 30~70% (40% average). It's balanced with exploration and questing.  Thus, questing and exploration is one major source of exp gain now.  For example, at level 50, you major skills would be around 60-80(with boosts from mods), while other often used skills around 40-50.  In vanilla, it's very easy to see lots of maxed skills at lvl50.

I didn't lower exp gain from clearing and exploring as mods like Darkend(and lots of dungeon mods) wouldn't not provide any quest.

Exp gain from killing are averaged around 2 per NPC(if you use these enemy overhauls, NPC lvl related).  You still gain over 30 for NPCs with far higher level than you.  Major bosses like Miraak do provide extra EXPs(provided by Experience)

Perk Gain
Players don't get perk after lvl80.   So, you get 79 perks in total.  Trust me, that's more than enough to get an OP build. Also, you still get attribute points after lvl80. You're still getting stronger. Getting too many perks will only make you fill every single perk in a tree.  Here, like Dragon Age Inquisition, ESO and many RPGs, is allowing you to make choices, takeoffs, sacrifices. It's allowing you to be strategic, rather than blindly filling the blanks like a preschool kid.  Just as Ordinator, this mod is to give you a rewarding but balanced experience.

As I tested on different builds since Ordinator came out, 60 perks are enough to make you OP. 79 perks, should be literally enough, for you to get a quite powerful build, regardless of your mod list.  Unless....you really s**k at games.   I can't fix that for you.

If you really want that many perks, just get one of those dragonsouls cheat mods.

Skill level cap 100, formula cap 135(effects)
Since Experience is used here, you don't need to lvl up your major skills to gain perks and attributes anymore. You can get EXP infinitely from questing and exploring.

Why capped at 100 then?  Cause that's related to weapon damage, spell damage, etc.  You don't want to get OP, do you?

Why formula cap at 135? Mods, powers, like Imperious race, give you +20 lvl to skills.  You need that
extra 35 in your formula cap to enjoy the benefit, while keeping your
skill cap at 100.  You might get a 40, or even 80 boost to your skills by magical effects. However, to keep it balanced, 135 is a wise choice.  It's simply enough.

Why simple?? Why not like them, complicated and pretty like an excel sheet?
I only tweak the things that have REAL AND SUBSTANTIAL EFFECTS on this
game. Not here to show off. Just sharing something that might improve your

Attribute gain per level

This gives you only 7 points of attribute per level. It significantly lowers your stats at high level.

Level                Total stats nerf    Per attribute nerf        Significance                                                       

11                     30                         10                                 You might want 2 more investments in
                                                                                             your favorite attribute
21                     60                         20                                 One piece of enchanted equipment required
31                     90                         30                                 Dragons are fearsome
41                     120                       40                                 This is getting serious
51                     150                       50                                 You're getting one shot OR you don't have
                                                                                             enough magicka/stamina
61                     180                       60                                 You're not OP yet, enemies are still fearsome
71                     210                       70                                 You're not invincible anymore
81                     240                       80                                 Well, still playable

Why linear(7), not a diminishing(11,9,7, etc.)?
1. (Diminishing) Sounds like you're getting less at high level. But you're
getting way too much at the beginning. You can be super strong around
lvl 20, 30, etc.
2. Easy to remember. It's always the same. Don't wanna give you headache.
3. Attribute investment already has diminishing effect at high level. So, again, why?
4. Early game, you don't crazily boost attributes to win. You get a damn follower!

Indirectly lowered DPS
As you have to invest in health(attribute, enchantment, etc.), not to be
one-shot by enemies, you're sacrificing magicka/stamina for that. With
overhauls like Ordinator, Wildcat and Summermyst, you need significantly
amount of magicka and stamina to keep DPS up. Thus, a lower attribute
gain, as described above, would reduce your DPS effectively.

You have less health to endure enemy attacks. You have less stamina to run
away. You have less magicka to 'kite' enemies. Everything's less. Use it
wisely. Tactics matter.

This becomes even more Dark Souls like ( you only do a few swings with your weapon, not 20 or 30). You have to
decide, when, who, and how to attack, since you don't have enough
stamina/magicka, or health to sustain a constant DPS.

Why reducing DPS
Wildcat and lots of overhauls boost damage, causing too much DPS by the player.
That can make the player easy-skill everyone, with enough
stamina/magicka.  Reducing DPS is to eliminate that END GAME INVINCIBLE
feeling of players. Thus enhancing your endgame experience.

Carry weight gain
Vanilla carry weight gain only with stamina, forcing player to invest in stamina to gain carry weight.
Carry weight is also related to sneaking. Too much can make you totally 'invisible'
This mod gives health/magicka minor carry weight gain, while reduce stamina carry weight gain.
Stamina is not for carry weight, more for dodge, evasion, tactics and combats.

Encourages builds like:
Necromancer(health/magicka), etc.

Carryweight gain upon levelup              Health            Stamina          Magicka
Modded                                                    2                      3                      1
Vanilla                                                       0                      5                      0

No Legendary Reset
You reset legendary, you're ruining your own game.  If you want Skill EXP for perks, go to trainers, go questing, etc.
Legendary refunds perks only.

Higher XP gain for certain skills
Speech, smithing and enchanting would level 50% to 100% faster than combat related skills, statistically. However, the boosts here still keep these skill at a lower rate than certain combat skills.
Unless you're exploiting crafting, the speed should be balanced. Ars Metallica (recycle)
Summermyst (Disenchant) and other mods are used to provide alternative crafting exp. Use them instead of crafting 1000 daggers.  Unless you really wanna a dull game.

Description for V0.6 and below

Please ask the author of Uncapper and Experience for permission, not me. I don't have, or even want any right of the original mods here.
SKSE team
kassent for Skyrim Skill Uncapper
Elys for community uncapper
z4x for Experience
All their credits lists.

The rights belong to them. These are modified ini files to complement their work.