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New Neighbors show up if you kill them in a quest or you can buy their home.

Permissions and credits
I have abandoned this mod due to disinterest working on this mod. Anyone can use the contents/whole mod as they wish so long as they don't break the permissions that belong to others. i don't care if you release the mod as your own.

Ever play through a quest and you end up killing half of a city? Ever wonder why no one moved into their house even though you have 5 different immersion mods that add npcs to cities? Well, now your cities will be slightly less empty.

1. What this mod does.
Allows new npcs to move into cities if their counterpart was killed. These npcs will take up their house and their job*, hence the mod title.
It also allows certain homes, noted in section 2,  to be purchased. You need to have the deed in your inventory and anywhere between 3000 to 10,000 gold. I am also making this mod into an esm because of the introduction of the purchasable houses. This way you can mod the homes beginning with "shephome" in the cell window without having to break quests or people having to install your house mod mid play-through as long as your mod is dependent on this mod. This has the added benefit of not increasing my workload because other people will be modifying the player homes.

2. Which npcs/places does this mod work on?
-Calixto(creepy guy)
-----Player home option
-Aventus Arentino(creepy kid)
-----Player home option

-----Player home option
-Banning(dog merchant)
-Nepos(some old guy)
------Player home option
-Hognire(bloodiest beef in the Reach)
--Brother Verulus
-Miner's in Cidna Mine (On Madanch's desk in Cidna Mine)
-Abandoned home with shrine (The guy Molag Bal wants has the key)
------Player home option

-Lurkbuk(makes people wish they were deaf)
-Abandoned Shack that one Dark brotherhood mission takes place in(deeds are on Astrid and the three targets)
------Player home option
-Drela's Cottage
------Player home option
-Hroggar and Alva (need two deeds)
------Player home option

-Beitild(2nd worse boss)
------Player home option
-Stumbling Sabercat Inn
-NightCallerTemple(the boss near the staff has it. select option 1, then either option 2 or 3)

-Anoriath(fresh from the wilds)
-Lund's Hut is now a temple to Akatosh

- Half-Moon mill. (will need two deeds)

-Frostflow lighthouse (on the ledge before jumping down into the Chaurus Boss pit)
------Player home option
-Abandoned Julianos temple on the road to winterhold

-Riftweld Manor(The place mercer frey never uses)
------Player home option
-Goldenglow Estate

-Vittoria Vici(need two deeds)
------Player home option
-The Katariah

-grave for narfi(deed on narfi)
-grave for Reyda(deed in Reyda's statchel. enabling the grave disables her skeleton)

Japhet's Folly
-Imperials or Stormcloaks

3. How does this work?
The above mentioned npcs will drop a deed when they are killed. Read the dead and you will be able to buy the property or put in on the open market for others to buy. Some options only have an open market option. You need a certain amount of gold 3k to 10k that the game will tell you if you don't have enough. If the property requires 2 deeds then you need to use the magical steward pole. I could have probably moved everything over to reading the deeds, but i didn't think of that until i had started writing this.

Pole Locations:
Windhelm- Left side of bridge near the Stables
Markarth- left side of stairs near city entrance and stables

Morthal- To the right of the Jarl's Longhouse
Dawnstar- To the left of the Jarl's Longhouse
Whiterun- to the left of the Jarl's Longhouse near the pool

Japet's Folly- on the end of the dock's next to the ship that shows up for the vanilla Japhet Folly Quest
Riften- on the left side of the stairs as you go up to the keep
Winterhold- to the right of the jarl's longhouse

Falkreath- on the outside of the wall near the general store
Ivarsted- the urn over the Narfi's Fireplace

Because of the menu system I can only have eight or nine options per city, or i need to add another post and two posts seems un-immersive.

4. List of deeds if you install mid play through
Console command and search for these items.
A) Alva's Deed
B) Anoriath's Deed (need two)
C) Banning's Deed
D) Beitild's Deed
E) Calixto's Deed
F) Drela's Cottage Deed
G) Frost Flow Lighthouse Deed
H) Torn Half-Moon Mill Deed (need two)
I) Hognires Deed
J) Abandoned House Deed
k) Lurkbuk's Deed
L) Mercer Frey's Deed
M) List of Potential Forsworn Agents (Cidna Mine)
N) Narfi's Last Will
0) Nepos's Deed
p) Ogmund's Deed
Q) Reyda's water logged note
R) Silus's Deed
S) Japhet's Folly Deed
T) Verulus's Deed
U) Abandoned Shack Deed

5. Versions
1.0 Initial release
1.0 No children. replaces children with maids to avoid black face bugs. Use if you have a mod that modifies children like RS children.
1.1 Added lots more people and places
1.15 Put meshes and textures in loose files.  I can't into bsa files without making black faces bugs and invisible textures/meshes.
1.2 Added 3 more npc locations and 12 player home locations

6. FAQ
Q) I already killed the npc in my game. How do i get this to work?
A) Console command and search for "deed" the deeds have the name of the dead npc in them so you can easily find them.

Q) How do i get Ogmund's deed?
A) check the Hall of the Dead

S) I accidentally gave the post two of the same notes
A) you broke the universe, but the mod just enables xmarkers so nothing bad will happen. (i hope)

S) The new dog handler doesn't sell dogs.
A) Yeah, i couldn't get it to work

A) These new npcs are protected.
S) I didn't ask that.

Q) Can you add a replacement for X npc?
A) ask in the comment section and not the mod description.

Q) Will there be an endless supply of these replacement npcs if we take the deed off their corpse?
A)Replaced Npcs will not respawn if killed and do not drop another deed.

Q) I accidentally clicked the wrong option and now I/Npcs own the house.
A) Your gold is forfeit if you bought the house, but you can go back into the menu and select the correct option. The magical pole will enable your correct option and disable the incorrect one.

Q) I really want to make location X into a player home, can you add it?
A) If you enter the location through a door it will be easier for me and i can add it in if you ask. Maybe

Q) Why "maybe" for adding locations as player home options?
A) one area to add as a player home option, the Katariah, is also a major pain. The emperor's room has its own world space and i know people will want the ship to move around the map. For each location it stop, it would need another world space. Other locations might break quests or other mods.

7. Permissions and other stuff for uploading another mod file using these resources
A) I don't have a mic or the talent to use one,  so all these people just say vanilla voice stuff. If you want to add in voice lines or have them offer quests you can do so in another mod or by messaging me the audio files and dialogue to put in.  I also have no experience with editing npc dialogue, so it will take me a bit to add it in.
B) You can change the npcs that get replaced with your own ideas.
C) Make patches because i added children and you don't want a bunch of kids in black face running around.
-I will make an Rs children patch soon since i actually use that mod
D) Use my scripts to expand on this
E) Again, Because there is so much i can't do *coughVoiceActingcough* you can use this mod to expand on it or use in your own mods.
F) You do have to post my name on your mod though if you use this.
G) Don't use these resources if you are selling your mod
H) Follow the permission of the mods i used, or just remove the items from those mods in this mod.
I) Can upload files using all of the assets as long as above things are followed and the mod was added onto

8. Conflicts and problems
A)Anything that adds death items to above mentioned npcs
B)Possibly mods that have the npc going to those houses. i did leave original doors to those houses in game once the new npcs are enabled. Worst case you have an npc standing in front of the door. Best case the npc carries on their business, but you can't follow them inside. They have gone to a parallel dimension only they can go.  
C)Thieves guilds quests that have items inside those house (coc into the original cell and leave through the door)
D)Anything that covers up the magical poles
E) Ysolda and my new npc might both work the meat stand.
F) an unknown unknown

9. Asset use
Used Lolicept, morganmarz betterbecause jet4571 Jokrine's modder's resource pack in this mod. Seoulcalibre made an RS CHILDREN PATCH. CHECK RSC CHILDREN PATCH COMPENDIUM

10. Player Houses
When activating the pole the normal menu will pop up. If the home is able to be bought by the player a submenu will pop up. You can either buy the house or let another family move in. If you buy the home you need enough gold, 3k-10k, or the pole will say you need more gold. If you made the wrong choice, then go back into the menu and select the correct choice. Mod has been scripted so you can undue your wrong choice by selecting the correct choice.

If you do not like the interiors of the npc homes or the player you can make your own mod or use someone else's mod that changes these locations.
The player homes all begin with "Shephome" if you want to edit the player home. No need to worry about doors or breaking quests if you just mod the locations that start with "Shephome". I probably won't do much more with editing the existing player homes, besides fixes, since it was never the main goal of this mod and others are better at player home aesthetics.

If you want more vanilla locations to be player homes then post a comment and i might add it to the list in the next version.