Alternative Sounds for Climates of Tamriel by d3sim8
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Added: 13/09/2017 - 04:53PM
Updated: 14/09/2017 - 11:17PM

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Last updated at 23:17, 14 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 16:53, 13 Sep 2017

New thunder and interior rain sounds. New volume slider for thunder.  30% less thunder. Thunder now fades during dialogue. Thunder happens more randomly.


The default sounds in Climates of Tamriel were not to my taste, so I made some new ones.
I always thought there was too much thunder, so it is now decreased by 30%. Theoretically it should be much more random, and thunder sounds should now fade during dialogue too.

As of CoT 5.7SE, the volume slider for LightningFX does not appear to work (Technically it does, but only for the special lightning spell CoT uses) and the thunder volume is tied to the effects slider. I have assigned all thunder sounds to their own category now, called 'Thunder' (derp), which makes much more sense to me.

Install as usual using your mod manager of choice, for manual installation, simply copy the files into the data directory.
Place this mod so it loads after Climates of Tamriel in your load order.

As for now, this mod is only compatible with Climates of Tamriel 5.7SE. It may be with others.
As for other conflicting mods, it's hard to say, as I don't know them all. However, you may run into issues with any mods that mess with ambient thunder sounds. I am currently using it with Immersive Sounds: Compendium, and it works fine.


Should be safe just to uninstall whenever. If you're paranoid:
1. Go indoors. (Proper indoors, like in a house or cave.)
2. Save your game. (Just in case, so you can go back to it.)
3. Open the console (~), Type 'fw 81a'
4. Save again.
5. Exit game.
6. Uninstall in mod manager, or delete all files from this mod from the data directory.
7. Reload the save from step 4.


Save your game. Press tilde (~) to bring up the console. Type 'fw 1044831'. Don't mess with the console if you don't know what you're doing.

Thanks and enjoy.