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Last updated at 12:28, 13 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 12:28, 13 Sep 2017

This mod is in alpha state until SKSE64 leaves alpha state and it is currently not recommended for stable save games.

You need to convert SkyUI 5.1 esp/bsa before using this mod.
You need the mod "Disable SetSaveDisabled" to run the MCM atm.

The two above won't be need once SkyUI is ported to SE.

This mod allows to hide any quest from journal, without actually stopping or altering them. All kind of quests with a journal entry are supported, you can hide those that have their own main entries or the ones that are in the miscellaneous section. All quests that have been hidden can be unhidden at any time.

Because of the way the mod works, all quests are supported: vanilla, DLC and any quest mod.
Of course, because the quests aren't actually stopped or anything, you can still complete them normally.

- SKSE64
- SkyUI

The usage of the mod is very simple. It comes with a MCM menu that has two pages: one page for quests that have their own entry ("Main quests") and other one for miscellaneous quests.

They will list all quests that are in the journal (non-completed ones only). If they are being shown in journal, they will have the checkbox checked. Uncheck it to hide the quest from journal. (Note: you need to leave the menu for the change to apply).

Whenever you want hidden quests to show again, check their checkbox again.

Known issues:
- There is a limit of 128 main quests, and another limit of 128 for misc quests. Since this is all about non-completed quests only, I doubt anyone will have that many quests in the journal, so it is not really much of an issue.

- Quests in the misc section can actually have more than one objective listed in the journal, but only one of them will be shown in my mod. When you hide that, you will be hiding all objectives that belong to that quest.
An example are the "Summon Durnehviir in Tamriel" and "Learn the first word of Durnehviir's Shout", they belong to the same quest, so my mod will only list one of them, and hiding it will actualy hide both.