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Conversion of MrTroublemaker's UNPB-BBP conversion of Tiwa44's UNP Minidresses Collection. Replacer version- replaces many vanilla female outfits such as Barkeeper's Clothes and Chef's Tunic with minidresses.

Permissions and credits
This is my SSE conversion of Mr. Troublemaker's UNPB-BBP conversion of Tiwa44's UNP Minidresses Collection. This is a replacer version and replaces many vanilla female clothing outfits, such as Barkeeper's Clothes and Chef's Tunic, with minidresses. Meshes have been optimized and the tiny esps have been updated to Form Version 44 for SSE. I have been using this conversion in my game since March, 2017 with no issues whatsoever... except sometimes guards faint as I wriggle walk demurely by. Yes, these minis really are just that hot.

NOTE- Rathkeaux has made a standalone version of Tiwa44 Minidresses Collection in case you prefer a non-replacer version.
NOTE-Bodyslide Files for Minidresses Collection and Spice Gear
NOTE- Gigist has made a CBBE Physics Minidresses with Bodyslide version

September 14, 2017: Corrected incorrect meshes in UNPB version, uploaded as Version 1.0a
September 14, 2017: Added UNP-BBP Version, uploaded as Version 1.0
September 17, 2017: Uploaded Version 1.1 of UNPB and UNP files to correct Monk Hood mesh errors- see sticky for details
September 27, 2017: Added fixed Vampire Robes meshes to UNPB-BBP Version and uploaded as Version 1.2
September 27, 2017: Added Update Patch for UNPB-BBP v1.1 with only the fixed Vampire Robes meshes so users don't have to re-download entire mod
September 27, 2017: Added fixed Vampire Robes meshes to UNP-BBP Version, rebuilt all meshes and uploaded as Version 1.2
October 21, 2017: Added Fixed FarmClothes04, Merchant's, Miner's, Redguard, Thalmor and YarlClothes03 boots
November 17, 2017: Replaced above Fixed 6 Meshes with new Fixed 8 Meshes because I found 2 more that were clipping- FarmClothes01 and FarmClothes03 shoes
December 19, 2017: Upated UNPB-BBP main mod to Version 1.3 to include recent patches
December 22, 2017:  Added non-broken meshes to replace Archmage Hoods which were apparently broken by NifOptimizer during conversion to SSE
January 15, 2018: fixed two new issues and Uploaded UNPB-BBP version 1.4 containing all previous fixes and patches
June 26, 2018: Uploaded optional texture to make the invisible panties (in both Main files) visible! Now you can gift a Minidress to your Mama!

REQUIREMENTS (no, really)-
1. These are BBP outfits. Therefore, they require that you use a BBP-capable skeleton, such as Groovtama's  XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended (XPMSSE). Expect CTDs if you skip this requirement.
2. In order to get breast movement, and who wouldn't want that, you must install EITHER BBP animations such as Dragonfly BBP Animations OR CBP Physics OR HDT-SMP-SE which is available only on 9damao-dot-com and requires that you create an account and leave a comment before the d/l link will appear. The hard part is that it's in Chinese.
3. You will need to install Fore's New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS and run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe after you install your XPMSSE or any BBP Animations. Here's a short tutorial on installing FNIS.
4. In order to get jiggly breasts you will need a Physics-capable female body replacer, such as this one. There are several others as well.

To build these dresses to your custom UUNP body shape, you will need:
Bodyslide and Outfit Studio and
Gamefever's Minidresses Collection Bodyslide Files

Why I didn't tick the "not lore-friendly" box- My theory is that these minidresses were manufactured immediately following the great Tamrielic Werelocust Plague of 4E29, which decimated spiky grass and flaxseed crops for the ensuing 7 years and forced all seamstresses to conserve fabric as much as possible. Sadly, this crucial bit of lore was not discovered until 5E99, when poor ephemeral Katria finally explored Mzoptgrflt, the last remaining Dwemer ruin in Skyrim- just one short year after Bethesda released the lore that actually made it into the game. I call upon Bethesda to ret-con this hitherto-unknown information into TESV5, at which time these minis will become retroactively lore-friendly. So I'm just a little ahead of my time.

Known conflicts- This will conflict with any other female clothing replacer that replaces some or all of the same outfits. Because this mod supercedes the vanilla meshes and textures, it will overwrite any previous replacement meshes and/or textures you have installed, and vice-versa- whichever mod is installed last, wins. Also, if you are a male with a wife or GF, these minis may conflict with your relationship goals because they are pokies-enabled.

Unknown conflicts- that's like, unknown...

Installation- use NMM or just extract over your Data folder- that means extract/copy the Data folder in the mod archive to your Skyrim Special Edition folder and let it merge with your existing Data folder. If you install this inside your existing Data folder your computer will self-destruct and all of your pets will contract rabies- even the goldfish. Also, you won't get these outfits.

Uninstallation- use NMM or spend the next 17 hours tracking down each and every mesh and texture this mod installed.

Converting to UNP or any other UUNP shape: Vyxenne's handy-dandy plain English mini-guide to armor conversion for beginners

Tiwa44 for the original minidresses (link at top of page)
Mr. Troublemaker for his UNPB-BBP conversion as well as the photos (link at top of page)
Ousnius for his Nif Optimizer without which SSE would have like 3 mods converted from Oldrim
Gamefever for his Minidresses Collection Bodyslide UUNP conversion files
Bethesda for Skyrim Special Edition and the CK

Permissions- I can grant no permissions at all- I did not create the assets. I obtained permission to upload this conversion to SSE Nexus from both Tiwa44 and Mr. Troublemaker, who own the rights to the assets in this mod. I don't even own the rights to my recolors (coming soon) because they rely on the assets created by Tiwa44 and/or Mr. Troublemaker. Maybe I can trademark my favorite shade of fuchsia...