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Think a hero's equipment should be more valuable? Want your weapon's damage to grow with you reputation? This mod is for you.

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Classic Version

Requires SKSE64. SKSE64 is in an alpha release. We should assume that it is not only possible for this release to destroy your saves, but that it is very likely. I'm putting this mod up for the curious who are willing to take that risk.
For general use, I recommend not using SKSE64 at all.

If the MCM doesn't work yet, the progression rate and cap can still be tweaked. Type "set _ProgressionCap to x" to set the max extra damage a weapon can do. A value of 0 means progression is uncapped.

Type "set _ProgressionSpeed to x.y" to set the rate at which your equipment improves. "set _ProgressionSpeed to 1.0" is standard, "set _ProgressionSpeed to 0.5" is half as fast, "set _ProgressionSpeed to 2.0" is twice as fast.


Sometimes a hero's reputation grows so much that even their weapons and armor become legendary. 

This mod is a confidently rough approximation of that.

[What This Mod Does]

As you become a legend, your equipment will take on a reputation of its own. An iron sword isn't worth much, but an iron sword that was plunged through the hearts of countless dragons by the savior of the land? Now that's worth something.

Put simply, this mod improves weapons and armor (and clothes!) through achievement rather than forging. For every enemy killed, the equipment you were using is tempered more and more. The greater the achievement, the more legendary the achiever, so defeating enemies that are significantly stronger than you will result in multipliers to the tempering process.

In practice this means that the more you use your weapons and armor, the stronger and more valuable they become. This allows for a favorite early game weapon to become a signature weapon that scales with your character. Maybe your character might intentionally build up the reputation of a weapon to sell it for a profit. Or maybe you like the way a weapon looks, but its damage just can't keep up. That's no longer an issue with this mod!

You might be saying, "Yeah, an item becoming more valuable makes sense, but how do you explain it becoming stronger?"

To that I respond with an old Nord proverb taken literally. The heat of battle is the fire that forges the strongest blades. Also the placebo effect.

[How To Use]

There is a toggle power added to the player if you would like to enable or disable this effect at any point. By default it is enabled.

All you have to do to build up the reputation of your equipment is use it. Kill some powerful enemies, or maybe hundreds of weak enemies. You'll get there.

To have the equipment's new reputation implemented, you have to drop the equipment from your inventory. I know that sucks, but it is the only way I can do it on my end. If you replace a piece of equipment with a different piece before dropping it and then you kill another enemy, the reputation built up for the old item will be lost.

As of update 1.1, an MCM menu has been added. This menu allows you to configure how fast your equipment improves, and place a limit on how much stronger your weapons and armor can get.

Thanks to Sinitar Gaming for the showcase! The mod is shown at the beginning.

[Installation + Compatibility]

REQUIRES SKSE. Also requires SkyUI for the MCM menu. Installation is standard.

This mod should be compatible with everything, but I will update here as needed.

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