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Added: 12/09/2017 - 08:26AM
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Last updated at 8:29, 12 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 8:26, 12 Sep 2017

Description: Kelsey the mage follower is a basic follower I created years ago for fun to get used to making followers. She is my first follower mod I ever made so she might not be that great for some since her appearance is similar to a vanilla follower. I decided to upload the mod here for everyone to try on Skyrim special edition to see if I should continue to make followers, or stick with dungeon, island, and town mods.

Race: Nord.

Perks: Lightfoot, apprentice destruction, augmented frost, light fingers 5/5, novice locks, stealth 5/5, agile defender 5/5, custom fit, armsman 5/5,
bladesman 1/3, bonebreaker 1/3, hack and slash 1/3, haggling 5/5, apprentice restoration, recovery 1/2, apprentice alteration, bribery, allure.

A custom spell I created called Frost shock, healing, oak flesh.

Location: Kelsey can be found on the first floor of the hall of attainment in the college of winterhold.

Installation: Download with nexus mod manager or any favorite mod manager and activate it.

Uninstallation: Deactivate the mod in the nexus mod manager.