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This just a port of the Proudspire Crypt from Oldrim. All credits goes to the original author Guabuellaitor.

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For vampire lovers who would prefer to sleep on a coffin instead of beds. Now you will have the luxury to do so. I always loved this mod way back.
<br /><br />I tested it on SSE and I'm not getting any issues with it. That's why I would like to share this awesome mod.
This mod is not my work and All credits goes to the original author Guabuellaitor. 

I am not using any mods affecting Proudspire Manor, that is why I'm not really aware with some issues Or compatibility


- The first entrance is through a secret closet, which is located in the follower's bedroom just inside the main entrance to Proudspire itself.
- The second entrance is a hidden passage, which is located outside just northeast from solitude. It is marked on your map as "Proudspire Hidden Passage."