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About this mod

This mod combines a Berserker Racial Power for Orcs/Nords + Dragonborn Empowered Shouts + NPC Perks + Race based start stats!

Additional tweaks include modified perks, increased realism/difficulty, Frenzied Berserking at lvl30 (for Nords and Orcs) and much more!

Permissions and credits
This mod has been replaced by my 'Classic Roleplay Character Build' Perk Overhaul

*This Mod is intended to be used with combat difficulty/realism mods (I personally use 'Vigor') where stamina plays a FAR more important role in combat!

**I've basically combined several of my mods into this single file....which makes the mod description VERY cluttered/packed.  You've been warned!

***Please Endorse :)

What does this OverHaul mod do? Here is my attempt at a simple breakdown of the components!

-it replaces the Orc Berserk + Nord Battlecry Racial Powers with a unique (D&D style) Frenzied Berserker Power....very different than the vanilla Orc Berserk Power (which was total uninspired cheese that allowed double damage spell casting!?!!)

-Once Nords/Orcs reach Lvl30, their Berserk Power becomes an ABILITY which can be used many times a day
*Until lvl30, the Berserk Daily Power is enabled and the Ability disabled...once you reach Lvl30, that is reversed!

-Orcs have tough, scarred hides = they gain +2% damage resistance vs melee attacks (including bashes and unarmed) for every 5 levels

-Redguard 'Adrenaline Rush' gives additional 4 minutes of +25% Stamina Regen (concurrent)

-Redguard 'Adrenaline Rush' gives additional 7 minutes of +10% Stamina Regen (concurrent)

-it encourages players to RP as a Berserker (Barbarian) by'gimping' some of the non class skills/abilities that we all end up abusing (lockpicking, alchemy, selling prices, smithing and sneak are now much less OP).

-it makes extensive changes to PC perks and abilities

-it gives NPCs (and certain creatures) Perks = they are more powerful/capable now!

-it also gives the start Races Lore based start stats, recovery rates and carry capacities.....inspired by Requiem

-it adds my 'Dragonborn Empowered Shouts' Mod = the more Dragon Souls you collect (and hoard), the shorter your Shout Cooldown becomes!

.....well, that wasn't so bad....let's try a more detailed breakdown next!

1) Mod Component Details (and backstory lol):

I never liked the Nord BattleCry can get the same effect from shouts!  The Orc Berserk Power was also silly in that it gave you 2x damage even if you are casting fireballs, and gave a -50% damage reduction received against ALL damage = made no sense!  So I instead gave BOTH Orcs and Nords a D&D style Frenzied Berserker Racial Power instead.

Orc's scarred hides also gain 2% damage resistance vs melee attacks for every 5 levels gained!  I did this because Nords have 50% Frost Resist...while Orcs had no other racial advantage.

Between Level's 1-29, your Berserk Power can only be used once a day!

Once you reach Level 30, your Berserk Power no longer instead gain a Berserk ABILITY that can be spammed as much as you want!

*Be warned that Frenzied Berserk has Stamina Regen Damage + Health Damage over time effects (see below)...and that spamming the Berserk ABILITY will result in the Health Damage Effect stacking = dangerous!

I wanted a Berserk Warrior who could go into a Rage allowing him/her to deal a lot of damage and shrug off some injury...but then to slowly run out of steam as their Rage wears off, resulting in exhaustion.  The 2x melee damage + critical hits + extra stamina for power attacks + ZERO stamina regen for 7 minutes does this!

I also wanted the chance for them to ignore injuries whiled Raged, but then have the risk of succumbing afterwards as their injuries slowly make themselves felt.  The stacking health bonuses that expire sequentially (30 seconds apart) + the health damage 7 minute duration does this very well!

Nord/Orc player characters gain the following abilities/penalties and durations when using their Berserk Power/Ability:

60 seconds: Attack Damage x2 IF using unarmed (fists), twohanded skill weapons, or one handed skill weapons.

60 seconds: Bash Damage x2

60 seconds: +10% change of delivering a critical hit (even IF you don't have the supporting perks)
*only IF using unarmed (fists), two handed skill weapons, or onehanded skill weapons.

60 seconds: +50% critical damage  (even IF you don't have the supporting perks)
*only IF using unarmed (fists), two handed skill weapons, or onehanded skill weapons.

60 seconds: +15% critical hit chance FOR ENEMIES ATTACKING YOU!  (your entirely aggressive focus can have consequences!)

60 seconds: +40 to Intimidate checks (going frothed mouth, crazy eyed berserk during a conversation = pretty damn intimidating!)
*"Errrr, of course I'll leave Carlotta alone from now on....please don't kill me!!!!!"

60 seconds: you take 20% less damage from melee attacks/bashes

60 seconds: you are staggered 25% less from incoming attacks/shouts

420 seconds : 0% Stamina are exhausted from your berserk, leaving you vulnerable for a while afterwards.

60 seconds: +100 Health (standard stacking type boost)

90 seconds: +50 Health (standard stacking type boost) gained at level 10

120 seconds: +50 Health (standard stacking type boost) gained at level 20

420 seconds: Loss of 1HP per second.
*IF using the Berserk Ability sequentially, each time you extend the Orc's Berserk, that 'health duration damage' value stacks!  Using Berserk ONCE is not a big deal...spamming it in a long battle can be a threat to your life in itself!

While trying to roleplay as a Warrior/Barbarian, I noticed I kept falling back heavily on Non-Warrior skills (such as lockpicking, alchemy, enchanting or casting spells).  I decided to make myself a mod where I'd not be tempted to break RP!  Additionally, I wanted a mod that made combat related skills a bit more challenging/'realistic' for me AND the NPCs.  Finally, I wanted Rewards to mean I lowered the players selling prices (-50%) + I highly suggest using 'Increased Bounty Gold' by darkwahn to make Bounties actually worth the Players time!

Basically, the point is to limit jack of all trades type gameplay, and encourage (force) Warrior/Barbarian/Paladin roleplaying....all while adding some extra 'realism' for both me and NPCs.  Shouts also become far more important as a spell casting alternative!  

-Many of the effects of this mod function off hidden perks = you might not see an effects description, but it works (kind of like how the perk Elemental Protection adds 50% Elemental protection while blocking with a shield, but you don't see it in the Active Effects list).

-Redguard 'Adrenaline Rush' now gives the standard 60 second stamina regen, a concurrent 4 minutes of +25% stamina regen, and a concurrent 7 minutes of +10% stamina regen........the staggered effects better simulate the Adrenaline Rush wearing off over time!


-Start Races have had their start stats/carry capacities/unarmed damage set to Requiem values....they don't all start 100/100/100 now!
Altmer 90 Health / 130 Magicka / 80 Stamina / 80 CarryCap 
Argonian 105 Health / 90 Magicka / 120 Stamina / 90 CarryCap
Bosmer  90 Health / 110 Magicka / 120 Stamina / 75 CarryCap
Breton 90 Health / 120 Magicka / 90Stamina / 80 CarryCap
Dunmer 100 Health / 100 Magicka / 100 Stamina / 85 CarryCap
Imperial 110 Health / 100 Magicka / 110 Stamina / 90 CarryCap
Khajiit  90 Health / 90 Magicka / 120 Stamina / 80 CarryCap
Nord  120 Health / 80 Magicka / 120 Stamina / 100 CarryCap
Orc  130 Health / 60 Magicka / 110 Stamina / 110 CarryCap
Redguard  110 Health / 70 Magicka / 130 Stamina / 95 CarryCap

-WORN armor/shields weight only 55% (helps balance the lower carry capacity...and is realistic in that wearing armor is easier than carrying it)
*Non Magical Iron shields seem to be unaffected by this for some reason!

-NPCs/Undead/Falmer of Level 19 or under get a critical hit chance of 10%

-NPCs/Undead/Falmer of Level 19 or under get critical hit damage of +20%

-NPCs/Undead/Falmer of Level 20 or higher get a critical hit chance of 20%

-NPCs/Undead/Falmer of Level 20 or higher get critical hit damage of +50%

-NPCs/Undead/Falmer of Level 19 or under get Mace + Warhammer Armor Penetration of 25%

-NPCs/Undead/Falmer of Level 19 or under get War Axe +BattleAxe Armor Penetration of 15%

-NPCs/Undead/Falmer of Level 20 or higher get Mace +Warhammer Armor Penetration of 50%

-NPCs/Undead/Falmer of Level 20 or higher get War Axe +BattleAxe Armor Penetartion of 25%

-Carry Capacity no longer increases when you level up Stamina

-Carriages should no longer transport you if you are over-encumbered (Carriage Drivers would refuse to be your personal Merchant Caravan)

-Unlimited training (can train 9999 times per level) *always thought the training limits were silly!

-Players get a -30 penalty to sneak...vanilla sneaking is stupidly unrealistic

-Only 3 pieces of armor required for Stormcloak matched sets for Light Armor & Heavy Armor *since Stormcloak soldiers use all sorts of helmets!

-Only 3 pieces of Iron/Banded/Steel armor are required for the Matching Set bonus...this is because iron/banded/steel armor pieces aren't even attached together = makes no sense for such stringent Matching Set perk requirements!

-Wearing 3 (or more) pieces of Iron/Banded Armor reduces Bribe costs by 50%...NPCs are both more leery of your rough/desperate appearance AND assume you have less gold with which to bribe them

-Wearing 3 (or more) pieces of Iron/Banded Armor no increases Intimidation checks by +10....NPCs are leery of you, you are obviously a fighter, but your appearance makes you seem rough and desperate

-Steel Horned Helmet now counts as standard steel AND steel plate for Matching Set Perk + Tempering Bonus

-Roggi's Family Shield is now a slightly better version of the standard Iron Shield

-Iron boots/gauntlets also make a 'matched set' with the Stormcloak Heavy Armor Cuirass

-Skeletons now take +25% damage from Maces or War Hammers

-Alchemy Crafting IS NO LONGER GIMPED....BUT, IF you want to do alchemy with this mod, you'll need to load an alchemy mod that includes changes to ingredients and recipes AFTER this mod (this mod unfortunately has pretty much destroyed the ingredient properties/effects).

-Tempering Crafting is only 10% as effective
*balancing/sharpening/customizing grips SHOULD NOT result in a weapon 3x as capable
**I use this mod with SSE Honed great for making enchanting and smithing orders from NPCs!

-Tempering Descriptions have been changed: 'Fine' = 'MasterCraft', 'Superior' = 'Flawless', 'Exquisite' and up = 'Legendary'!

-Lock Picking is only 10% as effective
*picking novice locks without the Novice perk is close to being as hard as picking Master locks in vanilla game
**Lockpicking Enchantments + Lockpicking Potions + Lockpicking Perks will make Master Locks possible to pick....but still difficult
 ***Lock Bashing can be added via this mod:

-Pick-pocketing is only 10% as effective (sleeping targets incur no penalty) 

-Deflect Arrow (with Shield) chance increases by +20%

-Incoming Stagger reduced by 20%

-All selling prices are reduced by 50% (discourages overencumbered movement for greedy me!)

-Added a Stormcloak Heavy Cuirass version (the long leather sleeve version).  It acts as a medium armor.

-Hide shields now weight 2.5

-Guard shields are now light armor

-Iron/Steel/Orcish/Dwarven weapons have had damage/critical damage increased to be a bit more competitive with more exotic materials
*Skyforge Steel and Steel are identical now...except Skyforge Weapons have double the Critical Damage value

-Dawnguard Weapons/Relics are now silver weapons (they keep their anti vampire bonuses)

-Dawnbreaker is now considered a silver weapon (keeps all its other abilities)

-iron weapons weight -2 of default, and have +0.1 speed. *this is to realistically balance their usefulness versus steel (the in-game iron weapon models are smaller after all)

-Iron + Steel Armors/Shields have their weight reduced (including Banded variants) make them more viable in regards to weight VS defense

-Studded/Fur/Hide armors have had their stats tweaked to be more balanced/'realistic'

-Studded/Fur/Hide armors all use 'ArmorMaterialHide' = can now make use of the Light Armor Perk 'Matching Set'

-A couple of Bandit (Fur) armors can now be crafted (was playing around and decided to just leave the recipes in there)

-Kyne's Token (hunterquest) now adds a +50% Stamina Regen Rate bonus, a 20% Shout Recovery Bonus and a +50% Lightning Resistance Bonus
       *this item is hard to get + cool looking = I wanted it to be worth a players time/effort to get!

-Berserkers are intimidating brutes....mod increases effectiveness of intimidate by 10

-Conditioning Perk = worn equipment (ALL WORN ITEMS) weights 20% less.  Additionally, each piece of Heavy Armor reduces Stagger by 7%.

-DeepWounds Perk now grants BattleAxes, GreatSwords and Warhammers a chance for Critical Hits

-Bladesman Perk now grants Swords, WarAxes, Maces and Daggers a chance for Critical Hits

-Hack And Slash Perk now grants WarAxes, Swords and Daggers bleeding damage.  Also it no longer is effected by weapon material (all materials set to Elven level bleed).  Also gives Swords and WarAxes 2%/3%/5% Armor Piercing

-Limbsplitter Perk now grants BattleAxes and GreatSwords bleeding damage.  Also it no longer is effected by weapon material (all materials set to Elven level bleed).  Also gives these weapons 6%/8%/10% Armor Piercing

-Bone Breaker Perk now grants Maces 12%/24%/36% Armor Piercing. It also increases Power Attack damage by 5%/10%/15%

-SkullCrusher Perk now grants Warhammers 20%/40%/60% Armor Piercing.  It also increases Power Attack damage by 10%/20%/30%.  It also adds a 5%/10%/15% increased stagger chance when using ANY TwoHanded Weapon!

-WindWalker Perk (Light Armor Tree) now works with NO armor or Light Armor...or some combination thereof.  Any heavy armor (NOT including shields) will disable the perk!

-Fixed Heavy Armor Perk 'Tower of Strength' vanilla bug

-Cushioned Perk now adds a 10% Armor Bonus to Heavy Armor pieces.  Removed the 1/2 Fall Damage made ZERO sense!

-Quick Reflexes now requires a Block skill of 75 

-Timescale is set to 3 (from default of 20) Note: Solitude Execution = people will stand around for a bit before resuming their normal routines 

-Skyforge Steel Weapons have 2x critical damage vs regular steel 

-Steel weapons = Elven weapons...except Elven weapons get slightly higher critical damage 

-Elven weapons slightly lighter/weaker than Orcish...but Elven has slightly higher critical damage 

-Dwarven weapons are slightly heavier/better than steel 

-Ebony bow does a little less damage since it has a much higher fire rate than other heavy bows = still does more damage overall

Explanation of the Dragonborn Empowered component:

Absorbed Dragon Souls now fortify your Thu'um.  Any Dragon Souls you have in your 'inventory' (that aren't consumed to unlock words of power) contribute to your Thu'um....resulting in decreased Shout Cooldown.  Each Dragon Soul reduces your Shout Cooldown by 1%.

Installation/Updating Instructions:

-For a new game or a simple update = Install .bsa normally or with a mod manager.  Start a new game normally.

-IF installing onto a game in progress = install .bsa normally or with mod manager.  While in game, open console '~', type
'showracemenu'.  Then click on another race choice.  Then click back on your original race.  Accept, rename, play as normal!

Required Files:

Unofficial Patch (which you should be using this regardless!)


-other mods that change race stats/abilities/powers might not be compatible.  Simply load this mod lower in the 'load order'.

Have fun guys!

*If people show enough interest by leaving feedbacks:

-A BlackGuard/Anti-Paladin RP optional File
-for Orc/Nord Barbarians, a limited 'Detect Life' ability to simulate superior wilderness tracking skills at around level 10
-for Orc/Nord Barbarians, a 10% movement speed bonus for Barbarians (like in D&D) around level 5-10 (while not wearing any Heavy Armor...might make an exception for 'medium' Armor as well)