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Adds epic build music and a valiant scream when absorbing dragon souls, ending in a cinematic explosion of power. Plays animations, Compatible with everything, installing on a new or existing game or uninstalling is no problem. Both Male and Female Vocals are available as well as a instrumental only version. Everything is optional.

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This mod was inspired by the E3 demo and by the mod Dragon Soul Absorption More Glorious. After using the Dragon Soul Absorption mod from old Skryim I found that the mod completely ruined my save and was unnecessarily complex with scripts and other effect changes, and low quality audio editing. I personally write and record music all the time, so I went to work and made my own high quality sound edited files, for this mod which is entirely my own mod and has no connection to any other mod. 

As of version 2.0+ this mod has both a male and female voiced Dragonborn scream.
As of Version 2.5 Optional ritual spell animation replacers have been added which will replace all master level spell animation per user requests, thus the user will now take a knee when absorbing a dragon soul, or float high above everyone.

  • The mod has no scripts and can be installed and uninstalled and customized at any time on a new or existing save
  • It is compatible with all mods, but will be overwritten by mods that alter the dragon soul absorption sound file
  • This mod adds an optional and customizable spell (see images tab) to be used when absorbing a dragon soul which will renew the Dragonborn's strength and add an epic explosive effect - The spell animation used will be the same as the animation you use for your Destruction master spells. (See Screenshots)
  • As of version 2.6+ there are now also optional ritual spell replacer animations which will replace the master level spell animations with either taking a knee as the power overwhelms you or floating high up into the sky.(See Screenshots) This was done to provide alternate animations when absorbing a dragon soul, and continuing to avoid scripts so that the mod can be customized and changed on new and existing saves.
  • Finally this mod has near a million (this is a sarcastic joke but it is a good few options to chose from) dragon soul absorption sound files that can be played and changed at any time which include music that builds up to a Dovahkin scream by the player, and end with 2 different optional versions of the Skyrim theme song
  • To trigger the animations you must equip the spell and use it as you would any spell and can be canceled at any time like a normal spell. By doing this I have given you the player complete control over what happens, every aspect of this mod is up to you.
  • The aforementioned spell is available at the Riverwood trader. Lupin collects ancient artifacts such as the gold claw, and has recently stumbled upon an old spell tome called Meditations of the Dovahkiin not usable by anyone but the Dovahkiin so it sits in his shop collecting dust. This spell is what you need to use to perform the animations.

New Scripted Version:

I have now released a new scripted version of the mod which will trigger animation automatically, please note that the manual triggered no scripted version is still available. There are some limitations however and I have listed them below.

  • To Trigger animation automatically you will need to buy and read the book "Meditations of the Dovahkiin" from the Riverwood Trader. Once read the book will provide you with a new hidden skill which will run the scripts to trigger the animations automatically.
  • You will have to hit the dragon at least once before it dies. if you do not hit the dragon the script will not start.
  • If you are attacked while in animation the script will cancel automatically. this is to prevent you from dying while you are dancing around.
  • If you save while you're absorbing a dragon soul and lead said save later the animation timing may seem off for that sequence. There will be no long-term damage to your save however, only that instance will seem off.
  • if you have a sword or bow drawn the script will automatically make you put it away before starting the animations. this will also result in the animation timings being off by 1 second you likely wont notice this but it is there.
  • I have noted that if you are running a large number of scripts at the same time the animation sequence will sometimes play too early or too late. This does not happen often and will not cause lasting damage, but is caused by too many scripts running at the same time.
  • Dragons killed by Miraak will not trigger animations through the script for save and game safety reasons. 
  • This script is standalone, that is to say it does not impact any vanilla script thus it will not corrupt your game in any way.

This video showcases everything very nicely, but only depicts soul explosion -
for fire explosion look at the screenshots in the pictures tab, please note you can also chose no explosion -
When I review the Ending Music the animation played is from YYAnimations which is compatible
but I do provide my own animations as well so you have options- if no animations are selected you will use the default ritual spell animation seen at the beginning of the video:

0.00 - Build music and Scream variation showcase
03.39 - Optional Animations Showcase
05.45 - Ending Music Showcase
06.59 - Spell effect explanation

  • Skyrim SE is all that is needed
  • To install just use NMM to use the FOMOD installer
  • If installing manually extract the mod files and drop the option you would like to your Data folder