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  1. SkyLover264
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    Please note that some of the changes made in this version may not affect games already exposed to this mod. I would strongly suggest completely uninstalling the previous version before installing this one, as the BSA name has changed, and to clean the scripts "Sky_DGA_KnapsackAliasScript" and "QF_Sky_DawnguardArtifactsQST_0600AA0A".
  2. Teytame
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    Hey guys.
    Just "finished" the quest for Dawnguard, that requires you to track down Vampire lord and retrieve the artifact. Vampires were there, the key was there, the chest was there, the marker on the chest is still there but there is no artifact. Dead end...

    Any ideas on what could be the problem and how to fix it?
    Thank you.
    1. Blackcrow1
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      I'm having the same issue.
  3. redneck1st
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    Ok, folks just tried installing this mod into SSE and when I ran LOOT I got an error reading in red that states"This plugin in requires "Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp" to be installed but it is missing." I thought, of course, it's missing as I'm using Special Edition and not the Legendary version of Skyrim even the one patch mentions it's for Legendary.

    Why is it coming up under the SSE files if it's for LE? is there an SE of this mod for which is out there? Or will there be soon?
    1. TheMalazan
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      Someone probably just wrote the wrong thing when making the note. Load USSEP and ignore the warning.
    2. jeremywm
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      It the oldrim version that gives this warning as I had to download this SE version to fix the same problem
  4. daudknifeofdunwall
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    sorry if i am being noob but what else do i do after schematics for unlocking the recipes because the recipes are not unlocked for me while i hold them
    1. daudknifeofdunwall
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      and no, i do not have no crafting patch
  5. DonQuixoteIII
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    I just tried to run TexGen64 prior to running DynDOLOD. It threw many error messages about invalid form IDs's for ESL's. Thought you would want to know so you could fix this.
  6. luciusaries
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    Hi, just wanted to thank you for this mod and ask a question. It's pretty damn neat that it gives you the option to pick up some cool vampire stuff, so thanks! The issue I have is that even though I've retrieved all of the rings and such from the chest, the quest entry won't clear out. Is there a console command I can use to get rid of the entry? Or is there something else I'm missing?
    1. vikitty
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      I had the same problem; I used the command "showquesttargets" to show all the active quests and I believe this one is called ModQuest. So using "completequest ModQuest" cleared it from my log.
  7. fazzord
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    What can you do with the bloodstone chalice as dawnguard? can i use it if i become a vampire lord
  8. Hiranus
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    What about Bloodstone chalice? Maybe you could turn it into infinite uses potion that weights something like 10 or 15?
    1. Kelsenellenelvian
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      Why should it be useful to you if you sided with the Dawnguard? You have destroyed all the vampire lords and there is no longer a way to become a vampire lord... Why would a dawnguard warrior want to use anything more out of it than to gleefully toss it into the ocean or just display it as a trophy? Yes the mesh is bugged and you would need something like jaxons postilioner to display it but think about it for a second here. To keep the idea lore friendly it totally makes sense that an escaping vampire lord would take it to hopefully pass it along the line. There is no sense it making it be useful to the dawnguard. He has the skill to add a power or a ability to the chalice but it would actually break the s*** out of the lore for a dawnguard member to use it that way.

      This mod like said is simply a way for one side to get a hold of the artifacts and spells that the other side would have collected along the way.
    2. Velgath
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      You have destroyed all the vampire lords and there is no longer a way to become a vampire lord...

      Except... you know... Serana?

      The Dawnguard-side of the Dawnguard DLC is already kind of jank-y with the "lore"/"consistency" anyways - given Isran expresses such hatred towards vampires, followed immediately by allowing Serana to work with them based on the words of the 'guy who basically just joined' saying she's alright. If it weren't for plot armor/plot protection, the Dawnguard should have killed her the moment she walked into the fort.

      That said, I don't like the idea of it being an infinite-use potion. SkyLover264 mentioned it was in the plan to add the Bloodstone Chalice a few posts below, but also mentioned he didn't know how he would go about doing it.

      By the way, you should add to the description that the faction-specific spells are also included for each side. I just edited out a comment regarding that after having inspected the plugin myself.
  9. Walks In Dreams
    Walks In Dreams
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    Thanks. Would be nice, however, if a certain divine would wait at least a couple of days before passing on the message.
  10. FalloutAddict111
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    Great mod, I just don't understand why any mod author would require Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. Personally, I'm doing everything I can to de-USSEP my game. The patch mostly makes changes that make the game play the way they want it too. Not what the developers had in mind. Very few actual bug fixes.
  11. Oooiii
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    What about the Staff of Ruunvald?

    nvm I see it opens Ruunvald so you can kill the person who has it