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Adds an extra quest to each side of the Dawnguard questline to track down the artifacts exclusive to the other side.

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One thing that every artifact collector loathes about the Dawnguard addon is that both versions of the questline have mutually exclusive artifacts, meaning that you will always be locked out of acquiring some unique items no matter which path you choose. No longer. This mod adds an extra quest to each side of the questline which will lead you to the artifacts that would have been lost forever in the vanilla game.

The Dawnguard version begins after completing Kindred Judgement and the side quest Bolstering the Ranks; you'll receive a letter from Isran requesting that you track down a vampire who escaped the raid on Castle Volkihar with a number of vampire artifacts. 

Artifacts unlocked by the Dawnguard epilogue:
-Ring of the Erudite
-Ring of the Beast
-Amulet of the Gargoyle
-Amulet of Bats
-Ancient Vampire Parts
-The Bloodstone Chalice

The Clan Volkihar version begins by reading a letter found on Isran during the side quest Destroying the Dawnguard.

Artifacts unlocked by the Clan Volkihar epilogue:
-Dawnguard Rune weapons
-Dwemer Crossbow Schematics and the ability to craft exploding bolts and enhanced crossbows. The No Crafting patch replaces this five of each exclusive crossbow and 100 of each type of explosive bolt, for those who don't want to be able to craft them, or just hate the crafting system.