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Ever felt like exploring the wastes of Solstheim with an Ashlander and her robot companion?

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A Scholar and archaeologist, she wanders the wastes, surveying the ruins of Solstheim.
Aiming to preserve them and otherwise unearth their mysteries.

One of the last of her Tribe, her family fled to Winterhold following the eruption of Red mountain.
At the College of Winterhold, she excelled in a
unique form of highly destructive 'wind-manipulating' magic.
Her sword is an heirloom belonging to her family and it holds a unique flame enchantment.

Her companion -a little dwemer drone named
2Gamma- was defeated during one of her expeditions.
Choosing not to destroy the hostile drone, he was brought to an eccentric redguard smith and reprogrammed.
Now the newly named 2Gamma would serve only Maliyah...

During the weekday you may find her browsing the markets in Raven Rock or surveying the site of Kolbjorn Barrow.
At night she patronizes the Retching Netch, which is the easiest place to get a hold of her.
During weekends, she stays at Tel Mithryn, having made herself a begrudging compatriot of Neloth
(though he only really cares about the surveillance potential of 2Gamma).

While in the area, she'll go see some of her old friends.

Spells and sword + metal companion.
No voice acting.(credit - VA Susan Eisenberg)
File is espfe.
Naked? Default textures.

I am using BnP for females.
Tattoos are custom.

High Poly Heads - By KouLeifoh
Expressive Facegen Morphs SE - By Niroku
HG Hairdos 2 - By lemonbalmtea