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Edits book titles so the game UI places them in alphabetical order.

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-- Update, September 15, 2017 --
Added the book changes from the latest version (4.0.8) of USSEP.

-- Description --

You might have been going along, placing a bunch of books on your shelves, when you arrive at a large section of books in your inventory that begin with "The." While The Aetherium Wars might be the title, it's not helpful for organization. It might be that you can remember a few titles here and there and remember to place them appropriately, but not dozens, of which there are.

This is a small mod to edit book titles so the Skyrim UI places them in alphabetical order. This only changes titles of actual books. This does NOT change journals, notes, or letters. Titles that begin with "A," "An," or "The" have been edited.


An Accounting of the Scrolls --> Accounting of the Scrolls, An
The Aetherium Wars --> Aetherium Wars, The
A Dance in Fire, v1 --> Dance in Fire, A, v1
The Poison Song, Book I --> Poison Song, The, Book I


1 I have forwarded the book edits from USSEP, so there are no conflicts there.

2 The only issue is with The Choice Is Yours.
If you place this book mod after TCIY, you will get my title edits, but not the changes that disallow automatic quest starting from TCIY for the books The Aetherium Wars and The Legend of Red Eagle.
If you place this book mod before TCIY, you will get the quest-start changes, but the titles The Aetherium Wars and The Legend of Red Eagle will not be changed.
Only these two books are affected. Your load order is your choice, depending on whether you feel the quest changes are more important, or the title changes. If you have already completed these quests, you can switch the load order so the title edits take priority.

3 There might be issues with Book Covers of Skyrim. However, I don't use that mod, so I can't say. I'm basing this on comments I read on the Organized Books mod.

-- Notes --

There is a similar mod for Oldrim, Organized Books, which should work fine in SSE after re-saving in the 64-bit Creation Kit. I thought that mod went too far by removing the title's article completely -- The Aetherium Wars --> Aetherium Wars -- as well as other changes that I disagreed with.