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Revamped Sumojellybean's Witcher 3 Shani Armor. Featuring: black retexture by imAarwyn. Rebuilt and overhauled with numerous improvements and re-balancing. Intended for light Battle Mage or healer type characters. SSE version

Permissions and credits
Shani Armor (Black) for UNP Body - SSE

Revamped Shani Armor by sumojellybean. Featuring Black Retexture by imAarwyn.

-New naming conventions, stats, recipes and fully updated for SSE.
-Necklace is craftable with Restoration enhancement to reflect Shani's medic backstory.
-New (optimized) meshes, along with proper ground models for most of the pieces.
-Balanced for a light battle mage or healer type characters. Slightly better than vanilla leather, but cannot be tempered.
-New pants, entirely consistent with the orginal ones, courtesy of Anka's Northgirl mod.

No gloves.

-Not Temperable.

Known Issues:
-The (new) white, black leggings lack ground models. Avoid dropping those on the ground. 
-The VEST piece still suffers from a 3rd person visual error due to its old mesh. I have been unable to find a replacement.*
-Some outfit combinations with the white pants may result in (very) minor clipping issues.

*If anyone wants to help repair or update the vest mesh, send me PM and ill gladly include it in an update.

Thanks to imAarwyn for allowing use of his, her retexture.  
Shani Outfit UNP HD Retexture by Anaphiel  for his 4k textures.
Zzjay - Updated meshes and textures.
sumonjellybean for the original mod.
Anka - For use of the Black-White trouser assets.

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