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Adds a post-clan volkihar quest to track down the artifacts normally acquired during the Dawnguard side of the Dawnguard questline.

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ATTENTION!: This mod is no longer being supported! Please use the new version found here.

One thing that every artifact collector loathes about the Dawnguard addon is that both versions of the questline have mutually exclusive artifacts, meaning that you will always be locked out of acquiring some unique items no matter which path you choose. No longer. This is one of two mods which add a post-questline quest to the Dawnguard questline which allows you to acquire the missed artifacts. This is the Clan Volkihar edition, and is started by finding a letter on Isran during the quest "Destroying the Dawnguard".

Note that the main version of the mod will enable some crafting recipes for equipment exclusive to the Dawnguard path. This was done because the Dawnguard path makes this equipment available through crafting rather than as rewards. If you'd rather just get the equipment without enabling crafting it, download and install the main version then download and install the No Crafting patch on top of it.

Click here for the Dawnguard edition