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"SPIDifies" outfit (OTFT) records (provided by this mod) for the various combinations of armor found in the original mod Crusaders Knights - Medieval Armors SE.

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Crusaders Knights - Medieval Armors SE - OTFT Records & SPID

"SPIDifies" outfit (OTFT) records (provided by this mod) for the various combinations of armor found in the original mod Crusaders Knights - Medieval Armors SE.

This patch with associated SPID _DISTR.ini file adds the various combinations of armors as seen in the screenshot for the mod Crusaders Knights - Medieval Armors SE by RiBa72. Permission via Nexus DM was granted by both RiBa72 (SE version) and ghostrecon123 (oldrim version) to create a patch to the mod in order to establish the OTFT records required for use by SPID.

How it Works

With SPID installed, access the _DISTR.ini file in the mod folder (or wherever you install to) and customize distribution of the various OTFT records. Outfits were made in the patch based on the screenshot of the original SE mod with minor exceptions (please see notes). If you are unsure how SPID works, please visit that mod page and read up. Although the intent is to use SPID for distribution, you can access the OTFT records from the mod patch without the use of SPID (see notes).


Skyrim Special Edition
Crusaders Knights - Medieval Armors SE
Spell Perk Item Distributor (SPID) [* for complete functionality, see notes.]


I use MO2. Download using Mod Manager and install. Otherwise, download manually and unzip, move to where you need it to be (how you normally do it). Note: In my MO2 left-side pane, I place all SPI _DISTR.ini files in their own folders towards the bottom for easy of identification and enabling/disabling.


When assembling the pieces for the outfits, it became apparent that there wasn't a "heavy" option for an open face helmet like either of the two combinations seen in the screenshot, so I opted to substitute suitable helmets in for the "leather" helmet in order to keep "all heavy" head, hands, body, feet.

Each set in the mod patch (the OTFT records) have both a "helmet" and "no helmet" version.

A couple of the armor sets (Knights Templar Light & Heavy, Knights Templar Sergeant Heavy, and English Crusader Heavy) have the optional "Dawnguard-style" helmet. The outfit combinations I made with the helm just seemed to fit bet, based on my color preferences.

The _DISTR.ini file will require editing for proper use. I have left most of the armor combinations "commented out" with a leading ";". Remove the leading ";" from each "Outfit = 0xAxx" line that you intend to use. I am not sure how overall SPID performance would be impacted by uncommenting all of the lines, but I prefer to only have the choices enabled that I use in every SPID _DISTR.ini file.

One of the NPCs seen in the screenshots wearing a "SPIDified" set is the character "Mugumph" from the mod "Traveling Merchant Caravans" by Scrabbulor (please visit, consider downloading and endorse!). I left this line enabled and configured for this character as an example (see screenshots).

If you choose to go without SPID, you can patch an NPC's DOFT record using SSEEdit to override the base DOFT with one of the EDIDs from this mod's patch. In this case, SPID is not required, but you will still need to original mod.

This mod (zip and MO2 installation folder) is named after the hard-requirement mod. The required mod ESP file is named "GR123 Knights Templar" (based on ghostrecon's original mod), so this mod's plugin is named after that file. The SPID _DISTR.ini is named after this mod as it appears in MO2 and references the mod patch named "GR123 Knights Templar - OTFT Records.esp" (this mod's plugin).

Special thanks again to both RiBa72 (for the SE version) and ghostrecon123 (for the original oldrim version). Please visit those mod authors and endorse.

The mod/patch is an ESL-flagged ESP (ESPFE/light) plugin and is clean.

As with my other mod(s), please post here on Nexus and I will respond as soon as possible.

Happy gaming!