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Allows you to melt down most weapons added by InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack and retrieve the ingots invested in their forging - excluding Umbra.

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As someone who greatly enjoys playing with Arthmoor's Ars Metallica on their load order, and thinks that melting down weapons should have been a basic functionality and part of the base game, I find it jarring that I am able to melt vanilla weapons and armour (thanks to his mod), but not those added by custom armour or weapon packs.

There is a mod that allows you to melt every metallic piece of equipment under the sun on Oldrim, but it requires SKSE, and thus I don't expect to see it on the SSE Nexus in the near future.

Over time, I've made several mods for my own personal use that allowed me to melt down equipment added by some of the larger weapon packs on the SSE Nexus. I thought others may be interested in this functionality as much as I, and after asking for permission, am now uploading a Meltdown mod for InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack.

As its namesake indicates, this mod's foremost feature is that it allows the player to melt all of the weapons added by the InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack collection and retrieve however many ingots were invested in forging said weapons. This does not apply to any unique weapons added by ISWP. Currently, only Umbra falls under this category.

This mod only adds custom crafting recipies and thus should be compatible with everything, but InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack (Version 1.7) is required for the mod to function at all.

First, you must download and install InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack, without which this mod will not function.

Then, download and activate this mod on NMM/Mod Organizer/Your Mod Manager of Choice as you would most other mods.

This mod has a few overwrites over its Master file - they fix odd spacing in 3 weapon names and add a keyword to another. If this sort of thing doesn't bother you, you can choose not to overwrite without compromising my add-on's core functionality.

If anything doesn't work as advertised and/or you run into any issues, please let me know and I will try to address those issues at my earliest convenience.

Apart from potential bugfixes, I have no planned updates for this mod. I am, however, looking to upload one last Meltdown mod for Lore Weapon Expansion, but am waiting for permission from InsanitySorrow. No ETA on this.

InsanitySorrow for creating all of the original meshes and textures (and mods) that constitute InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack.

calthrop for housing so many of InsanitySorrow's weapons under one roof as well as porting them over to the Special Edition, and for allowing me to upload this add-on mod.

xEdit by ElminsterAU and the SSEEdit Team, used to make this mod.

Arthmoor for creating Ars Metallica, which drove me to make this mod in the first place.

For posterity, I've no intention of porting my mods over to Oldrim since I now play the SE exclusively, but if anyone wishes to do so, you have my permission. This does not apply to my Meltdown mods, as they require Master files that I do not own.