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Allows you to configure a different room cost for each inn in Skyrim.

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This mod will allow each inn to set a different price for renting a room.  After all, why should a lonely inn out in the middle of nowhere charge the same rate as the inns in the big cities? For the quaint 32-bit version of Skyrim there is a mod that provides this functionality and more, called Perseids Inns and Taverns. In fact, that is where I got the idea from. That mod is much more ambitious than this one, however. I have not implemented multi-night rentals or paying for followers rooms. More importantly, I have not edited the interior cells of any of the inns. All I have touched is the room rental script, so this mod will be compatible with any other mod that enhances the interiors of the inns.

There is an Extended Stay mod for Skyrim SE which provides for multi-night stays, and adds some other features as well.  Starting with version 2.6, this mod is compatible with Extended Stay when using the default GlobalVariable settings of that mod.  These defaults simply assume that the cost and time duration of the rental are multiples of the values for a one-night rental (i.e. no discount for multiple days).  If you use SSEEdit to customize these GlobalVariable settings, those new values will be ignored.  Version 2.6 of this mod uses a simple multiplier to determine the cost and duration of your stay, ignoring those global settings.

As of version 4.1, this mod is also compatible with Become a Bard and Tavern AI fix


An MCM is provided for you to customize the inn rates as you please.  These rates are stored in an external file so they will be retained and carried over whenever you start a new game.  I used the PapyrusUtil SE utility to implement this, so you will find the rates stored in the file <SSE>\Data\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\InnRoomCosts.json.

Support for New Inns

The vanilla inns provided by the Bethesda master files are hard-coded so that even the first time you run with this mod, when you do not yet have an InnRoomCosts.json file they will still show up in the MCM. Any inns that are provided by mods will be dynamically discovered whenever you speak to the innkeeper. You don't need to actually rent the room, just initiate dialog and this mod will detect that you are in an inn. New inns are automatically added to the MCM as they are discovered, and will initially use the default room cost. If you use the MCM to change their rate, then this will be preserved in the InnRoomCosts.json file.

NOTE:  I do not recommend deleting your InnRoomCosts.json file.  Doing so will not break your game, but it will throw away any customized room costs you have entered in the MCM.

Here is a list of a few mods that will provide new inns to your game. I'm sure there are more out there that I haven't found yet. Post me a link and I'll be happy to add them here.

Inns and Taverns SE
The Crossroads Inn
The House of Troubles Wilderness Hostel
Expanded Towns and Cities
Skyrim More Inns
Shor's Stone
The Fall of Granite Hill
Aurora Village SE

Checkout Time

One thing that bothered me about the vanilla script for room rental was that it allowed the player to sleep in the room two nights while only paying for one. The reason is that when you rent a room the script gives the player ownership of the bed for 24 hours starting at the time you pay for the room. So, if you pay for a room at 10 PM you can go ahead and sleep there that night and then the following night, as long as you go to bed before 10 PM, you can sleep there a second night. If you try to pay for the second night the innkeeper will tell you that you've already paid, and he/she won't come wake you up at 10 PM to make you pay again. I know, this is a small thing to be bothered by, but what can I say?

This mod solves that problem by instituting a noon checkout time. Instead of owning the bed for 24 hours, you will only own it until noon of the following day. In order to do this I had to make a small change to the vanilla RentRoomScript. This and all of my script source code is included in the downloaded file.

This feature is of course configurable. In the MCM you can toggle it on or off, as well as set the checkout time.


PapyrusUtil SE


None. Use it in good health, but please do not upload it to any other site. Since this mod uses SKSE64 it will cannot be used on consoles.


A French translation of this mod was created by MetalFlo