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A mod that adds Weresharks to Skyrim and allows you to transform into a Wereshark without replacing the Werewolf transformation. Requires Dragonborn.

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Curse of the Wereshark

"Slay or Play as the most elusive werebeast of all and terrorize the land and sea."

This mod adds Weresharks to Skyrim as well as an enchanted amulet with a unique shark tooth model that allows the wearer to control this curse and turn
into a Wereshark whenever it is worn. Because of this, you can have the wereshark curse along with the werewolf curse. There are two versions of the mod each with its own way to acquire the cursed amulet, either via traveling to Broken Oar Grotto and finding the amulet within or by playing through a new voice acted quest that begins in the Winking Skeever. This mod absolutely and without question requires Dragonborn.

Acquiring the Wereshark Amulet
Quest Version: The quest begins after reading a special note in the Winking Skeever, located on the floor next to the wood chopping block. The message will tell you where to go and your map does the rest. The quest will tell you step by step what to do, so don't worry. When you arrive at the marked location, let the scene play out and don't interrupt it The fight is difficult so its best to be with a companion, be well equipped and be at a pretty high level.

Compatibility and Issues
The mod should be compatible with almost anything, even my Wereboar Mod. Also make sure not to wear the amulet while you're doing the Ring of Hircine quest. The effects could be unpredictable... or not. Never done it myself. The mod is also compatible with that werebear mod on steam.

One user has reported that the mod might conflict with Moonlight Tales Essentials.

One bug I found is that when the quest's scene starts, the player character may look away from the scene's direction. Just move your character's eyes back to the direction of the characters when that happens. Not sure what causes the issue, but we've spent too much time trying to sort it out and we just wanted to release the mod as soon as possible. It's also best to not attack the weresharks until after the dialogue exchange starts and ends. Just let the scene play out.


Special thanks to MihailMods for converting the mod for use in SSE!

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