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Just some alteration of Helgen to let you start off better

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This is intended for the PS4, so its very simplistic. Its meant to give you the basics.
Could someone please upload this to

The barracks room now has a few chests
One with a set of Light Armor, one Studded, and one Heavy armor (all imperial since its an imperial fort) and a ring with Fort carry weight +5000. The dead mage in the cage has a few fort magic skill items (conjuration, restoration and destruction) and a pair of boots, so mages can start off prepared. Just outside of the Helgen Cave Exit is a map marker and a chest (right next to where you're supposed to kneel as Alduin flies overhead) with an axe, pickaxe, and 10K in gold.
Added walls around the Hearthfire Houses and a chest at each one with most all the items needed to build each house. You might need to work
more to get everything needed to decorate, but it will be built. Also
added map markers to the 5 vanilla houses for fast travel.

Player starts with no spells, but if you look carefully, you can find most the novice spells spread through-out Helgen Keep.
At the tunnel exit from Helgen there is a second starter chest with 10 healing potions (heal 100pys) and 2 cheater weapons, an axe and a pickaxe, both are over-powered, and temper-able
Dam 50
crit 20
reach 1.0
spd 1.3
weight 5.0

Unless there are bugs, this should be finished.

COMPANION MOD - Dippys Riverwood

Legal BS:
Should you feel an urge to donate money for this work, I DONT WANT IT!!!!!
Instead please DONATE to:
Shriners Hospital for Children
St Jude Childrens Hospital
Or the Childrens' Hospitals of Your Nation, of course
Help heal sick kids. Please.

Should you see any mod of mine asking for any kind of financial or personal gain for me, it has been hacked. I will never charge, ask for donations, or otherwise imply I want anything but good-natured harassment for the crime of inflicting these mods upon the nexus community. The ONLY exception to this policy is that I do ask that you donate to children's hospitals of your home nation. (and Disabled Veterans too)