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Ral is a proud Nord and master of the Thu'um. He knows a unique shot which allows him to call his ancestors to aid him in battle. You'll find him in the last chamber at the top of Shriekwind Bastion.

Permissions and credits
  • French
Ral Snowolf
Master of the Thu'um
A Standalone Follower
Proud Nord and master of the Thu'um, Ral recently ventured into Shriekwind Bastion in order to free his ancestors from the curse that binds them to the ancient tomb.  In gratitude they agree to come to his aid when ever he calls them, and teach him a unique shout that will summon them.  You'll find him in the last chamber at the top of Shriekwind Bastion.  
  • In addition to his unique 'call ancestors' shout, he knows unrelenting force and disarm shouts.
  • He specializes in heavy armor, one handed combat and blocking.  He can heal himself in battle but doesn't know any other magic.
  • He is wearing Nordic Carved Armor and has a Nordic Sword (with ice enchantment) and has a Nordic Shield
  • He is essential and marriageable and uses the Nord male voice.  He starts at level 10 and will level with the player to 150.

Special thanks to 45tg67se, who came up with the character concept, idea for Ral's unique shout and tirelessly carried out testing, check out their amazing screen shots!

  • Download and install this mod via NMM and activate, or manually download and extract into your data folder

Recommend mods - Not required but highly recommended
  • Relationship Dialogue  Overhaul
  • My home is your home (by default Ral does not have a 'home', so is likely to stay where you dismiss him, so you could take him to an Inn or somewhere similar to dismiss and he will stay there, or use this mod to set his home)
  • AmidanBorn book of silence to re-texture Ral's armor (Original Skyrim mod but works fine - either skip blades armor during installation, or get the blades armor patch for SE)

I would love to see pictures of Ral in your game,
you can use the 'add' button above to upload your screenshots.
Credits and Thanks
  • Bethesda for Skyrim
  • Kalilies Stealthic and Shockero for the amazing KS Hairdos, and for giving permission for their work to be used for follower mods
  • Lind001 for Lind's human eyes and for giving permission for their assets to be used in other mods
  • traa108 for Tempered Skins for Males and giving permission for their work to be used in follower mods
  • Diethardt and netherwalk for Battle Hardened Warpaints, and for giving me permission to use their assets

Main mods used in screen shots

  • NVT ENB (Mythical Ages Preset)
  • Rudy ENB (Surreal Lighting Preset - which works great with Mythical Ages Weather and Lighting)
  • Mythical Ages Weather and Lighting
  • Noble Skyrim
  • Veydosebrom - Grasses and Groundcover
  • SFO
  • Realistic Water Two
  • AmidanBorn book of silence to re-texture Ral's armor
Please let me know if you encounter any bugs.
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