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T'Skyrim - Winterhold is a continuation of Winterhold by dwemer156.
The goal of this mod was to make Winterhold feel like capitol city rather then a small town. Winterhold used to be the Capitol of skyrim

Expand city (docks, farms, towers,etc.)
New houses
Adds Public Bathhouse
New temple
New Hall of Death
New NPCs
Adds Pargran Village
Unique weapons in Pargran Village
Fully working NavMesh
City walls
AI Packages for NPCs
Cleaned in SSEEdit
6 hidden treasures
One new Follower (Silla)

Winterhold (sometimes called Winter Hold) is the capital of the namesake hold and a coastal fortress on the inhospitable northeastern tip of Skyrim. One of the Old Holds, Winterhold has been historically isolated from its neighbors, yet still wealthy and prosperous; it even maintained a rivalry with the powerful city of Solitude. Winterhold was once the capital of Skyrim. It is home to the College of Winterhold, an institution dedicated to the study of magic, though it is now shunned and feared. Traditionally, Winterhold warriors are thought to favor large axes in battle.

Legend tells that Winterhold was initially built by Shalidor the Archmage with a whispered spell. In 1E 369, King Borgas of Winterhold, the High King of Skyrim, was murdered, and the failure to appoint Jarl Hanse as his successor is generally thought by Imperial scholars to have ignited the War of Succession. In 1E 2804, the "Winterhold Rebellion" broke out in protest of conscription quotas imposed by the Empire. The city was sacked the following year. Before the Oblivion Crisis, there were large populations of Dunmer who came to visit the College of Winterhold, but many were eventually driven out by Nords. It generally prospered as the capital of its namesake hold for thousands of years until, in 4E 122, Winterhold suffered the Great Collapse: vast swaths of the city fell into sea below for unknown reasons. It has never really recovered.

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