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This is a compilation of minor fixes and adjustments for the excellent mods DCR - King Crusader Mega Pack + DCR - King Crusader Heavy War Regalia by JDGameArt. You must have both of these mods installed for this one to work properly.

Permissions and credits
Reforged DCR King Crusader
by Stormhand

Undoubtedly, the DCR King Crusader Armor stands out as one of the most impressive armor packs available. However, I've noticed several inconsistencies and minor errors within it. Therefore, I've created this mod, which I've named "Reforged DCR King Crusader." This mod also encompasses some adjustments to the remarkable DCR King Crusader War Regalia.


As we all recognize the significance of conserving ESP slots whenever feasible, my plugin is designated as ESL. Additionally, for your convenience, I have incorporated the two plugins from the original mods, also marked as ESL, after compacting Form IDs. This will ultimately preserve 3 slots for you. However, if you have already initiated your game save and have discovered or crafted any of the items featured in this mod, your items will vanish in-game, necessitating you to obtain or craft them anew.

This mod will NOT work without using the included ESL versions of the original mods.



You must have these two mods installed:
DCR - King Crusader Mega Pack
DCR - King Crusader Heavy War Regalia

Install my mod and place the plugin under the two plugins from the main mods.

List of changes

Item renaming

Finding items in the crafting list or inventory becomes challenging without consistent naming conventions. Therefore, I've appended the suffix "King Crusader" to every weapon and armor. For instance:

"Boots of Consecration - H" transforms into "King Crusader Boots of Consecration". I've also removed the H and L distinctions for Light or Heavy variants to maintain a cleaner and more immersive appearance.

The weapon name "Dynamis War Blade 1H - BoR" has been updated to "King Crusader Dynamis Reforged" to align with the new weapons introduced by the Regalia mod.

Empowered Consuming Fire Enchant

The Consuming Fire versions of both swords required some adjustments to align with other items of the same level. I've enhanced their fire Enchantment to deal 20 damage every 3 seconds, up from 5 damage every 2 seconds.

Mispelled words

Fixed some typos on Locust Spell Description.


Cost of Materials to Temper

Reduced cost to temper all weapons and armors to 1 ingot (of ebony or steel) down from 3.

New Weapons Added

The latest iteration of the sword introduced by the DCR - King Crusader Heavy War Regalia does not include the Consuming Fire version or the non-enchanted variant of those weapons. This modification rectifies that by incorporating them into the same chest where you initially find the original versions.

Temper Weapon available to the new weapons

Added the possibility to also temper the new set of weapons added by DCR - King Crusader Heavy War Regalia and the new ones included in this mod.

Number of items available

If find a bit odd to have multiple weapons of those available, since its uniquiness nature of this set. 
The quantity of items availabe inside the chest is reduced to 1 of each (down from 2).


Other small fixes

Fixed the light version of Heavy War Hood being Heavy Armor instead of Light Armor.
Fixed an issue where beards would appear when using the closed helmet version (Heavy War Hood added by DCR - King Crusader Heavy War Regalia mod).

All credits go to the author of original mods JDGameArt.