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Adds 3 Explosives to the Game as Static Objects

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Explosives v1.3 Remastered as a Static
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Xbox One

This mod adds various explosives to the game.

There are 3 types of Explosives in this Release.

-Regular Explosive

-Explosive with Arrow Trigger



Put the content of the archive into your Skyrim\Data folder and check the Explosives.esp in the launcher.

You will find the Barrel of Explosives in Riften, just search for the 3 Stacks of Barrels with a smaller one on the Ground!

Future Features
- Re-implement Compatibility as a Weapon
- Improve Remote Detonators 3D Model
- Add back Mines and name change to Pressure Plate
- Add back Explosive Barrels



- initial release


- added remote detonators
- added the explosives to torch barrels (which in vanilla always have 2 torches inside) so you have a 50% chance to find an explosive in one of those barrels
- renamed the explosives from 'dynamite' to 'explosive' since some people complained about that (dynamite is a rather new invention)


- added Flash bangs
- added Explosive Barrels
- altered prices for explosives
- slightly increased chance to find an explosive in a dungeon
- fixed message box text that still said 'dynamite' instead of 'explosive'

- Remastered for Skyrim
- Removed Compatibility as a Weapon
- Removed Barrel soon to be Replaced with Skyrim Model
- Removed Mines will be added later and Renamed to Pressure Plate
- Removed Remote Detonators will be added later with Improved Model


You are free to use any part of this mod in your own mods as long as you give credit to Phitt for the Original Release.