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For modding locations I needed a 100% non modded vanilla base game save for each location. Also includes a new 'Prisoner' save after the opening scene. Here are the saves.

Permissions and credits
No mods, new game, no quests started, zero interaction with other NPC's!!!

I appreciate you checking out these saves and hope you find them useful. If you do find these useful, please endorse, it makes my day. :)

For me, a beautiful world space is very immersive. My approach to modding is by locations first. With the amazing mods our gifted authors release, I found the need for clean virgin saves in areas ripe for mods. So, I loaded SSE on another computer, coc'd to location while doing a save at each stop and weeks later have all these saves meticulously organized.

I hope you find these saves useful. :)

If you find a need for more location saves let me know and I will add them.



1. Unzip 
2. Copy save files into "C:\Users\[YOUR USER NAME]\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\Saves" or where your saves are located
3. Launch SSE
4. Load a virgin save
5. Have fun modding

Main Files - AIO packs

600+ save by category:

600+ save by location:

Optional Files - Individual packs

If you do not want to download either or both of the AIO packs in the Main Files section, you can download only the sections you want here.

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