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Make a little memento of your victory over the Glenmoril Witches.

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So, at the behest of Kodlak Whitemane, you slaughtered all of the Glenmoril Witches and took their heads. Then you used them to cure him of his lycanthropy, then Vilkas and Farkas... and then, presumably, yourself.

So, that's four heads used... but what about the fifth head?

Since Aela has no interest in being cured, and you have either committed to staying a werewolf or permanently curing yourself, what are you going to do with it? Just throw it in a chest and let it rot there?!

Well, why not just make it into a little memento of your victory over those foul witches?

All you need is some glass, a piece of firewood, and the head. Take them to a forge, and make yourself a little memento that you can place on a shelf, or your favorite desk.

However, since the witches heads are quest items, you can only make the item after you have completed the Purity quest for both Vilkas and Farkas.

As for the the question on your mind... "Why do we need firewood?" Because the jar has a cork topper on it, and cork is made from tree bark from the cork oak. (I'm presuming Skyrim might have some, since they have cork toppers on those bug jars.)