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An immersive high-quality female heavy and light armor for Skyrim. Supports 3BA and SMP.

Permissions and credits

This is what I call "Silvered Steel" or Barbarian Armor. It comes in both heavy and light versions. The armor's base values are almost as good as Nordic Carved (Heavy) and Stalhrim (Light). This will be my last armor commission for a while as I need to get back to voiced follower work. I hope all of you enjoy!

This mod will not collect Donation Points so as to follow the License Restrictions from the DAZ Store.

  • 4 Pieces on both the Heavy and Light Armor - Helmet, Boots, Gauntlets, and Armor.
  • Can be crafted and improved. Those who want the armor right away can use Additemenu to get it quickly.
  • The outfit comes in 3 different color variations for both heavy and light (a total of 6 outfits).
  • SMP Physics on the skirt
  • 2 ESPFE plugins (one for heavy and one for light) to save a slot in your load order. I used two plugins for folks who may not want one or the other.
  • 3BA Only - conversions must follow the rule of not collecting donation points.
  • Includes the Survival_ArmorWarm keyword to keep you warm in the cold Survival mode.

I welcome polite and constructive feedback. However, rude or passive aggressive comments, insulting or disparaging any author's work or my own will result in an immediate and permanent ban from my mod pages. Be respectful in your comments. Limited support is provided in the Comments and it is best that support-related questions be brought to our Discord Server for more detailed support.

  • Install this mod with your mod manager (or manually).
  • Run bodyslide with your chosen body preset to generate the meshes. The mod comes with a group file to slide all pieces at once.
  • To update this mod, download the newer version and replace it (do not merge). It is completely safe to update mid-game.

As mentioned in the comment policy, support is limited on this mod page and its comment section. Head over to our Discord Server if you have problems. Most issues can be resolved by load order adjustment, or re-downloading assets or mod if the download has been corrupted (yes - it happens).

Want to get an inside look at my current and future projects before anyone else? Do you like seeing screenshots of my creations as I work on them through iterations? Well, you can see those things and more if you join us on Discord in the #coldsuns-corner channel. I'm usually hanging around and even like to hear ideas and suggestions from the community.

Special thanks to my friends over at Migal Makes Mods Discord Server: Migal, Taranis, NineTails, Gonzeh, Yandros, Nether, Setzur, and others. Their help and support is what keeps me trying to deliver the best mods that I can to the community.

Daz Store - paid for and licensed from the Daz store
Ashtoreth - Conversion and mod design
Acro748 - 3BA Body
hydrogensaysHDT - aers - ousnius - Karonar1 - alandtse - geniusty - HSanMartin - skullgirls - DaydreamingDay - idaan300 - romanicles -
igloomod - SesamePaste - jg1 - antpillager - Acro - webspam - Faster SMP-HDT

Special thanks to my Patreon and DIscord communities for contuining to support and stand behind my work!

Be sure to check out my friends CKORD and Damakarmelowa who work with me on many different things. CKORD creates some of the best and most funny comics for Skyrim you will find, and Dama creates a lot of high-quality mods, including the popular Thogra gra-Mugur mod.