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Human encounter enemies have a chance to drop 2 flesh and 1 heart on death.

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This mod adds a chance for generic (encounter) human enemies to drop the human flesh and/or human heart alchemy ingredients. There is a chance for up to 2 pieces of flesh and 1 heart, though there will be times where you do not find any. This does not affect named NPCs such as Lydia or Ulfric.

This mod was made by request to accompany my vampire player home mod, Crypt of the Old Guard, which contains a new crafting station that allows you to create blood potions from human flesh and human hearts.

This mod will be incompatible with other mods that edit the same enemies. Users should build a bashed patch to avoid this or solve manually via xEdit.

This mod is considered complete unless a fix is needed.

Links to Crypt of the Old Guard | Vampire Player Home: PS4 XBox One PC
Nexus PC

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Additional Platforms: PS4 XBox One PC