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Add-on for Socalista's Regional Merchants - Stalls of Skyrim to allow local NPCs to visit the roadside sellers, using SPID to distribute AI packages. ESL-flagged.

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A simple mod to distribute AI packages to selected (configurable) NPCs to get them to visit the 'roadside' stalls in Socalista's excellent Regional Merchants - Stalls of Skyrim mod, for extra immersion.

There are currently two 'out of town' stalls in the mod so I've created a few AI packages so nearby NPCs will visit the stalls from time to time. If more stalls are added I will update the mod to accommodate these.

By default, the mod adds the following packages to the following NPCs;

Stall outside Whiterun on the road;

  • Every Tuesday and Thursday, Ysolda will visit from 1pm
  • Every Wednesday, Alfhild Battle-Born will visit from 2pm
  • Every Friday, Nimriel and Severio Pelagia will visit from 11am
  • Every Saturday, Jon Battle-Born and Olfina Gray-Mane (awww!) will visit from 12pm

Stall near Old Hroldan;

I couldn't find many NPCs to visit so Leontius Salvius will wander down there three times a week.

  • Every Sunday from 12pm
  • Every Monday from 2pm
  • Every Tuesday from11am

You can of course edit the DISTR file by opening it in Notepad or similar to add (or remove) NPCs you want to visit.

For example if you want to add Nazeem to the Wednesday visit, edit this line and add Nazeem, with a comma, like this;

Package = 0x801~NPCs Visit Regional Merchants.esp|Alfhild Battle-Born,Nazeem

If you're adding NPCs, use common sense. Probably best to not put innkeepers, followers or NPCs with major quests in there, especially with The Reach stall as there are Forsworn about. Also make sure they're fairly close by as they have to walk there and if they're too far away, they may not even get there before they turn back.

  • The mod is flagged as ESL so it won't take up a slot in your load order and is a very lightweight mod.
  • The mod was made with the older creation kit so is compatible with all versions of Skyrim SE/AE.
  • The mod has been tested with Immersive Citizens and it is not compatible.
  • The mod has been tested with AI Overhaul (full version) and it is compatible.
  • The mod is safe to install mid-game.
  • May not be compatible with other mods that assign AI packages to the same NPCs via SPID.

SPID (hard requirement) and its requirements
Regional Merchants - Stalls of Skyrim 

Powerofthree for SPID and loads of other essential mod
Socalista for Regional Merchants - Stalls of Skyrim