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Add the unique follower - the mutated frostbite spider names Blakus (Blake) James Jasper III. The foremost animal follower in Russian community of TES V: Skyrim.

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Blake is a one of the most recognized Russian mods. This mod add a unique follower - the mutated frostbite spider created by excentric wizard names William Bristow. Bristow was killed by his arch enemy Paul Maric, so Blake now available as a follower of Dragonborn. Bristow also created many spells of summon (mostly the undead), and have unique staff The Green Eye with unique enchantment (Paralyse and absorb stamina on area). Also mod added the unique magic draugr The Abomination Of Elirium plased in area of Gjukar's Monument. Abomination is very strong and dangerous enemy so be careful.
In Skyrim now appeared the new threat - beastheads. They very strong psyhopatic nords-archers, that want only kill everyone in Skyrim. They armed with spider bows enchanting with poison. Now, Dovahkiin meet his match with most strongest badass monsters in human body what ever see Skyrim.

Well... back to Blake. As follower his essential. He also have 4 unique "spells" based on poison and unblocking damage, can heal himself as a spriggan, and can conjure 3 unique ghost of arthropods, everyone of which have the unique abilities. 

Blake use next "spells": 

Dark venom deal 50 damage immediately and 20 damage per 20 seconds on small area. It his primary attack.

Acid deal 50 unblocking damage immediately and 20 damage per 20 seconds on small area. Blake use this attack against the enimies with immunity to poison.

Spider venom deal 50 damage immediately and 20 damage per 20 seconds and paralise target on 10 second.

Spriggan heal 3 using as normal spell and restore Blake 300 HP.

Chitin Rage - conjure 3 unique ghosts of arthropods. It's:

Spectral Chaurus Reaper. Shoot the vampire like charges absorbing 10 health per 10 second. Use the extra damage perk in close-in fighting.

Spectral Mudcrab
. Deal very big unhanded damage and use extra damage perk in close-in fighting.

Spectral Chaurus Hunter. Shoot the spectral charges deal 10 health per 10 second. Use the high extra damage perk in close-in fighting.

All three ghosts have 100% resist to frost and poison, and 100% weakness to fire.

Also, mod add in the game many spells of summon. "Я вам не скажу за всю Одессу..." us sung in old Soviet song, what means "I can't speak for all", but personally I was very disappointed, what Bethesda have not added summon undead spells from previous games. End I decided doing that instead of them. Well, now we have:

Bone Thrall - spell of summon the migty skeleton archer for unlimited time. Bone Thrall have many perks of Shooting.

Bone Thrall-Mage - spell of summon the migty skeleton cryomancer for unlimited time. Bone Thrall-Mage have many perks of Destruction and can summon Skeleton mage.

Aspect of Conjuration 
- spell of summon the mighty spectral skeleton for unlimited time creating by Shalidor himself. He armed with a daedric battle axe and bow (end perks for them) and have limit of ten summon creatures. He can summon three spectral warrior (classic - warrior, archer, mage) and raise the corps.

Spirit of Fire - spell of summon the mighty spectral skeleton pyromancer for unlimited time. 

Spider Thrall of Fire - spell of summon the mighty ghost of frostbite spider name's Attrebus for unlimited time. He have spells fireball and firewall, and, as a Blake, can conjure 3 unique ghost of arthropod, everyone of which have the unique abilities distant of abilities of ghosts conjuring by Blake. 

Spider Thrall of Frost - spell of summon the mighty ghost of frostbite spider name's Hyalty for unlimited time. He have spells icy spear and frostbite, and, as a Blake, can conjure 3 unique ghost of arthropod, everyone of which have the unique abilities distant of abilities of ghosts conjuring by Blake. 

Aspect of Vampirism - spell of summon the shard of soul of blood dragon for unlimited time. He have the shout "Drain Vitality".

Burnt man - spell of summon the undead pyromancer created from burnt-out bodies of Helgi and her mother stolen by William Bristow. Conjure for 120 s. He have spells fireball and firewall.

Skeleton archer 
- spell of summon skeleton archer for 60 s.

Skeleton mage 
- spell of summon skeleton mage for 60 s.

Pack of spells known as "Magic Guards". This spells can summon the ghosts, what can protect area there they be conjure. You can buy from mage in Morphal, Whinterhold and Whiterun five types of this spells:

Dark Guard - summon the ghostly archer with bow enchanting with absorb helth.

Fire Guard - summon the flame ghost with same spells as Burnt man.

Frost guard 
- summon the frost ghost with spell "Frostbite" and unique spell of frost.

Storm Guard - summon the storm ghost with spells "Wall of Storms" and "Thunderbolt".

Guard-Summoner - my personal favorite. Summon the curse ghost with same spell with Spectral Chaurus Reaper. This ghost have 10 limit of summon creatures, can rise the corps, and can congure the Skeleton archer and the Skeleton mage.

All five ghost can't move (but can change position) and hawe same level with the player character.

Also mod add:

The unique staff "The Green Eye" with unique enchantment (Paralyse and absorb stamina on area).

The unique boss "The Abomination of Elirium".

New monster - Blake's Descendant. This spiders just cubs, but not underestimate them! They have more weak abilities of their father - can conjure two ghosts and spit same acid with Blake. And hey! They have same level with player character.

New enemies - beastheads. Misterious crazy nord archers, who want only one - kill everyone who meet them. They similiar to Berserkers from addon Bloodmoon to TESIII, but more dangerous. They armed with Spiders Bows and have same level with player character. From they corps youcan take unique honey mead.

New enemies - the breathless. This powerful undead warriors is most dangerous enemies in Skyrim. They can use frost shouts and have master skill of One Handed Weapon and Blocking. You can found the breathless in the nord region of Skyrim. 

New traider - The Mudcrab from Morrowind. He is trade some wine and have 30000 gold. Also his trade Staff of frostbite claws summon the unique frost mudcrab ghost with permanently active spell - the frost cloak. You can found The Mudcrab on the location Lady Stone.


Available only russian version of this mod. Anfortenatly i too bad know English to translate very big discription what i writing for this mods. Anyway i hope you like this mod.

Need DLC Dawnguard.

You can found Blake in location "Hunter's Rest" now renaming to "Убежище Бристоу".


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