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Vendors will make comments when in the Barter Menu, just like in Oblivion.

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Back in Oblivion, when you were shopping, vendors would occasionally make comments like "Thank you!", etc. In Skyrim, the barter menu is pretty much silent. This mod simply makes it so vendors will talk to you when buying/selling things, making it somewhat more immersive or at least less of a dead menu and more like an actual interaction.

Use the NMM or any other mod manager to install this mod. By default, vendors have a 35% probability to say something when buying/selling things, but you can open the console and type the following:

set _SAG_VendorCommentProbability to XXX

Where XXX is the probability you want. 100 = always, 0 = (almost) never.

The following video used a probability of 90 for showcase.