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A small mod that changes the prices for alcoholic beverages, meat, and cooked food.

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Let's face it, much of Skyrim's economy doesn't make any sense.  Let's use food as an example: when you cook or bake, sometimes with rare ingredients, you actually lose money. So I've set out to remedy that annoying situation.

This mod operates under the assumption that food in Skyrim is not very abundant, and most common folks eat bread and cheese for dinner. Fancy items such as wine, meats, stews and baked goods are out of reach for many, so it makes sense that they would be a bit more expensive. My mod raises the price of meat and cooked items to around three times the price they are in the vanilla game, and raises the price of all alcohol by double, with some slight variation when it made sense. I have also raised prices slightly for items that aren't localized, such as any of the Dragonborn items. If you want imported goods, you'll have to pay a premium, just like in real life. 
A side benefit to this mod is that you can make a small profit when you cook things and sell them. This is nice for people that want to role play being a brewer or baker or just have too many apples and bags of flour in their inventory.

This mod  doesn't do anything other than change prices, so it's compatible with most everything. I tested it with Ineed and it worked just fine, even when it was loaded on the top. It will not be compatible with other mods that change the prices of food, obviously. If you have questions about other mods, go ahead and test it out. I am happy to host patches for any mods that conflict. I will not create other versions of this mod, as there are already other mods that exist for Oldrim.

This mod can easily be merged into your WyreBash patch. It contains no scripts. 

This mod requires the unofficial patch for SSE. I will not make versions without that mod because...I am lazy. Besides, why would you not want to use that mod anyway?! Playing without it is just silly. 

Installation is very easy, just drop it in your Data folder.